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    Participant Check this out guys and tell me how it looks. Likes or dislikes please .. Just got this page started with the help of my bu . Thanks buddy.

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    Looks really nice.

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    the issues I’m having with it are the excessive use of exclaimation points. IE: “!!!!!”
    It just seems unnecessary, and unprofessional
    as well as the page on what you use. you should have a section for just the studio. pics of the studio, machines, disposable needles, etc
    and your whole website is put off by the part with Mags in it. its OUTSIDE the actual website body so it puts off the entire website
    you need to place it in the black area
    your “Memories made in ink” is also outside of your website borders
    the hand drawn logo should have a transparent background
    int he gallery page theres a big red bar that shouldnt be there
    and the gallery should be split up into sections for each artist
    this way potential clients can see each artist’s strengths and weaknesses and make a better educated guess on which artist they want to get their work done by
    the review at Hildbrant shouldn’t have it’s own page. The link should be on the artist page below the paragraph for Robbie. it’s just a wasted page you know? again makes the site look unprofessional

    also your links at the bottom for twitter and such link to the Wix twitter/youtube/facebook
    youll need to modify those links
    at the top it says “TAttoo shop screaming aces tattoo shop”
    you should change that to just “Screaming Aces”

    also on the gallery page theres two apps on the bottom
    should remove those they are unnecessary

    im not trying to be rude, or a dick or anything. just giving some pointers for things that I would personally change if it were my site. if you want to check my site out you can get some ideas of what I mean. especially for the gallery page. I have it set up nicely to show my portolfio, drawings, and the studio

    you could add a sub page for “Location” called “Studio” or “shop” or “Parlour” whichever you consider your business to put
    write a little paragraph describing the studio, and maybe some of the story behind it, then you can add sections for tools: autoclaves, any special lighting, beds, arm rests, light boxes, etc. stuff youd want potential clients to see to show you guys have the tools needed to perform amazing art, and to show that you are commited to the industry to the point you’ve spent a ton of cash getting all professional grade tools. IN here you ll put your disposable needles and stuff.

    Then you could do a section for pics of the shop

    and if you wanted you could do one for each artist showing off their equipment, and maybe even a picture of how they like their station set up. shows a level of professionalism.

    lastly the part on your site on the home page next to the logo is hard to read due to the font colour. maybe make it wh ite with the black in the background like int he other spots? just a thought :D

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    I do thank you for the advise. We are a small hick town and we aren’t trying to get famous we just want to spread the work to sling some ink. I will work on it but to the people in our town that knows us knows our humor and such. I should hire someone to do it causee i have no idea how to for a web site… Thanks….

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