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    Hey guys
    I stumbled on something last weekend. That may be of help.
    I still practise on my portraits on practise skin and fruit (I have to master it there, before even considering doing on a real person) Well anyways, I ran out of that lovely practise skin, and my son ate the melon I had planed to use. So I couldn’t do my practise that day.
    We have a hobby drawer, with lost of equipment to do fun things for the kids. And here my daughter (she’s 1 1/2 year) came running with a coloured foam board for cutting out things and gluing them together.
    Then I got hold of it, and felt it, and an idea started to form. Well I could always try.
    And I did, and to my surprise it actually worked. I could even use my stencil stuff, and place a transfer on it.
    The ink when in good, and came of good as well.
    Here is a link for a picture of them

    Best part, I have ten of them left, even better, they are very cheap.
    Try it out, maybe you like it, and maybe you don’t. I will not guarantee that you will like it, but hey, I gave it a shot, and I liked it.
    You can even feel a bit of stretch

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    This guy talks about it. I’ve been curious.

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    Actually this is quite a good video of advice. But yeah, same deal actually. Give it a try. Just did a reasonable portrait last night on a foam board. But I’m not showing, until I am satisfied hahah, a bit of a perfectionist and not showing stuff I cant stand by a 100 percent :D

    But really give it a go, you will be surprised. :D

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    The best place for practise for you tattoo is orange. I was practised their because it is like normal human skin. So it is helpful. You can also practise on pig’s skin.

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    You know Lennart.. I have like 50 of those in my kids room aswell… she doesnt use them so I’ll give it a go.. i have a whole rainbow even light and dark skin colored :P

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    Now all those colours are very usefull. ;) Then you can imagine tattooing a rainbow pony :lol:


    Those I have are some seriously wild neon colours, I tried doing a colour piece on a bright pink… DONT do that hahahaha
    But they are awesome imo at black and shade practice :D

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