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    Hey guys… i just found thid forum and it seems like there are some nice folks around here, wich is not always the case on the internets.

    I am 33 years old and i work as graphic designer/ 3d modeler. I got my first real tattoo (i have a really bad one from highschool years waiting to get covered) a couple of months ago and i am hooked. Since then i am drawing a lot (i have been drawing my whole life but not this passionately) and reading and watching a lot on this subject. Art has always played a big part in my life, from music to design but lately i find myself obsessing with tattoos, design of them and drawing in general.

    Now to my question. Am i too old to strat an apprenticeship, will it make it really hard for me to find one? I have the dedication, the passion and drive but still i am afraid i might have missed that train.

    Thx for your answers in advance and cheers.

    ps: will post some original flash once i get more comfortable with it… in the meantime here is a link to my blog with a lot of personal work from design to 3d and music.

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    Hey there.

    I’m new on this forum as well, but I think i can answer this one.

    I was am 30 and just startet. And well, maybe I am not that impressive in anyways (yet) I can give you an example of a guy whu startet tattooing at the age of 34 and he made it a bit I would say.
    Bob Tyrrel

    Giving you his link

    And on a personal note, I think everyone is capable of anything if they have the mind and passion set on the goal.

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    Thx for your time man…

    yeah, i have the same opinion as far as dedication and success goes. And thx for sharing Bob Tyrrells story… i had heard of the man before but didnt know his story… quite inspirational.

    I think i was more referring to what the industry consensus was if there was one. Would artists here consider taking an older apprentice or would they always rather go for the 20 years old one. I find that now the older i get the better student i am becoming because i am more focused.

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    I can’t speak for every artist.
    But my best guess would be; if they can see that you have some kind of talent, and that you can show that you have the focus and commitment, then age shouldnt be any problem.

    I’ve seen alot of artists in my country, starting at the age of 18, but that dosent mean that they are any good. Okey, years of training will give you an expertise in the use of the machines, and they are making nice tattoos, BUT not that impressive. As they lack some kind of artistic feel to things. Never attended any art classes.

    My point, if you have the skills and the talent for something great, age shouldnt be any problem. Unless you find a younger artist with a bad attitude.

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    My friends tell me I’m only a old as I feel. I’ve wanted to become a tattoo artist for over 15yrs. However an apprenticeship was always completely impossible. I still think it’s completely impossible. But my husband found out that you could now buy a tattoo kit so for my bad he did just that. I have equipment and a whole lot to learn.

    I’m older than others who posted in this thread. I’m over 40. Put my age with the fact. Most likely will never find an apprenticeship that means I’ll be day dreaming for years.

    Is age a factor? I gotta say mostly no. If you want it bad enough, you can achieve it. Knowing my obsticles I’m going day by day cus f I think about he future I just knock myself down. Everyone else ca do the same thing!


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    I started fully at 30 and now at 35 i have my own thriving shop in the middle of town!!! Anything is possible when you set your mind to it but you cannot be weak minded!! I’m not saying you are im just saying you have to set your mind towards the goal and run with it not letting anybody sway it!!!

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