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    I’m back guys! I’ve had some time where I wasn’t doing much due to model work,
    but as soon as I could I got back to the tattooshop to actually do something.

    So this is the biggest one yet. It took four hours in total,
    I ended up putting some shaky lines, but as I was filling, I fixed them and made it smooth.

    What do you guys think? :D

    I told him to come back once it’s done healing to re-fill as I feel I might not have done it enough in some spots and to furtherly fix any rough lines, but up till now, he loves it. :D

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    I think you done a good job.. 4 hours is pretty fast for tribal if you are new.. What black did you use..

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    Not bad at all! :)

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    A little advice. Clean your tattoos before you take pictures of them. It’s highly unprofessional to take pictures like that. As far as the tattoo, the fill looks light. You’re not making enough passes or you may be using too small of a needle grouping. I wouldn’t use anything smaller than a 13 mag for that. Helps make it more solid in less passes.

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