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    This is my first tattoo on human flesh, as you can see its not finished yet but i would really like you all to critique it.
    I used a 9 round to line it, was the needle to big? Anyway hopefully someone can give me pointers for improvement. :D :D

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    Acually that looks pritty nice. Lines are a little shaky but for the first on skin not bad. Nine needle is all good, especally for those more old school kind of designs. I think u did well enough, placement looks nice too.

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     CR Jordan 

    Not horrible, but you should start SMALL. I know you want to do big impressive stuff. Start with tattoo FLASH, and SMALL small, S M A L L !!!

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     kojekojek kojek 

    not bad for 1st try

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    Not bad but i would start out small.. What size liner did you use on the outlined one..?

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    I would suggest using a good 7rl starting out. If you are in the United States needle carry half way decent ones or Ruthless needles are good. 7mag curved and 11mag curved will do you really good.

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    Good stuff. How did it all heal? It’s been quite some time.

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     CR Jordan 

    Any updates?

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