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    Can anyone point me in the right direction to the best place to buy disposable tubes/tips with grips and needle together? Everywhere I found do far you have to click each size seperately and no one place has all the sizes I need. Looked at superior and monster steel with no luck, also don’t wanna have to buy alot of one size either, just like 5 or 10 of about 15 different sizes would be nice.

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    Cam tattoo supply or

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    Steel pros
    Weight balance
    Solid feel
    Different needle groping in a single tube

    Steel cons
    Have to be cleaned every use very very clean
    Have to have an autoclave
    Can be dirty after cleaning and claving

    Disposable pro
    Easy clean up
    No need for autoclave

    Disposable cons
    Light weight unbalanced feel
    Tubes too fragle
    Needles can be hooked
    Smaller grips hurt hands

    Well im pretty sure theirs more reasons then that but thats all i can think of at the moment
    I personally use unimax purple disposable combos best tubes i ever used
    I heard tatsoul has dispoables with steel tips to solve most weight and feel problems sounds cool if tou ask me

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     Jester Ink 

    there was a tube awhile back online that i saw. was surgical plastic stuff, fully autoclavable and wouldn’t melt. thought to myself it’d be nice but at $6 or more per tube is a bit out there fer a scratcher like me.

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    Check out our site and see if we carry what you are looking for, if we don’t have it I will get it for you. let us know when you sign up that you heard about us from this forum and you will get the professional artist pricing.

    Hope we can help!

    Thanks for checking us out.


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    Hildbrant now has refill packs that come with almost everything you need, along with 50 needle/grip combos

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