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     Yasmin Ashby-Lyons 

    Heya nice to meet you all!! So this is the first tattoo I’ve shaded properly, I’ve done a couple of little ones messing about on myself but this is the first proper one I’ve done. I used a 7rl and 9rs with 25% wash, used a rotary machine throughout. Could you guys please give me a honest evaluation on how I’ve done, it’s on my husband and he loves it but that could be because he’s scared to say otherwise 😂😂😂 xxx

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     Yasmin Ashby-Lyons 
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     Ryan Leitner 

    What’s up! I’m new here to, this is actually my first post. I’m no pro so I’m not gonna be able to give you pointers but I’m thinking it looks pretty good. Solid lines and shading, skin doesn’t look beat up. Good job, seems like you got your fundamentals down.

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     Yasmin Ashby-Lyons 

    Thankyou Ryan :) sorry for the late reply. I’ve just ordered a better machine so hopefully that will help too :) it seems to be healing nicely so I will add another pic when it’s fully healed :) xx

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     Russ Kinslow 

    ALWAYS always remember, linework is THEE foundation of your tattoo. It’s the foundation and anything without a foundation falls flat. A eh colored tattoo won’t look as bad with GOOD solid linework,however,a good colored tattoo will not look any type of good without solid, consistent lines.

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