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     Jester Ink 

    ok, first off one needs completely rebuilt. someone decided to hack the frame to make it lighter.
    the second machine isnt bad at all. only problem i’ve had was it shut down. it killed the power pack and all. burnt my hand touching the power pack and the machine itself was hella hot, felt the warmth through gloves coming from the grip. since then, i’ve swapped the motor out for a 8 wrap instead of the 10 that was in it. hopefully that helps till i can get a better power pack. Only question is, can the hacked frame be salvaged at all? it has the bottom connections but not the top where it connects to the top post. dunno if i can tack weld anything or just use it for parts, or probably frankenstein the beast and use it strictly for myself, i’ll load pics when i can.

    the first picture is just like the one that i replaced the motor on, cept the grip screw is on the side

    this is like the one that was hacked

    also sorry if i posted this in the wrong spot.

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    What brand of coils are you using?? Some machines like aluminum frames, I suggest that you find out the coil size and get a nice set of coils from needle supply or monster-steel. That will make a huge difference, also are you using black nylon shoulder washers between the binding post with or without washers? hope this helps…

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    You want to keep your equipment running smoothly and it is important to do so, but it is not all that easy. You have to be able to comprehend everything about the machine and how they are tuned.!!

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     Jester Ink 

    the one that over heats is brand new, chick had it less than a week in the box, tarded it to me for redoing a tat for her. it had all the washers and everything when i stripped it. got a bad habit of stripping and cataloging all the parts, then putting it back together. swapped the motor out from another machine that’s never failed me, still over heated again. wtf? so, put the motors back in the machines they go to, the new one still over heats, the other doesn’t, i’ve ran it 6hrs straight tatting a tribal piece, never bogged down or got hot. it’s just that red devil that’s cursing me.
    also, a feller my step-dad works with at a saw mill is a tattooist (guess that’s why its his nickname) but he’s been wanting to talk to me about an apprentinceship or something, so if it goes right, may be working fer him sometime. i’d be the only “almost legit” scratcher around here.
    now about that hacked p.o.s tat machine frame…seems to be brass and fubar. the spacing tween the top coil to the bar is a pretty good gap, hot wired it to see if it ran, and it did. seems to hit pretty hard, iono precisly what it’d be used for.

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