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    I Bought a Hildbrandt kit almost a year ago with the liner and shader. The shader seems to run ok, but I think I made a huge mistake in taking the liner apart at first (as I was adviced to do so). And it doesn’t work. I got it to function for 5 minutes every time I use it after which it just stops running by loosening the rear spring. I also took off the oxidation from the contact point with a sand paper, which didn’t help either… Now I loosened the rear spring more and Im afraid I screwed up and loosened it too much. The shader seems to run a lot better, but the liner is sparking (blue sparks) and tiring after few minutes. I have to raise the voltage a lot for it to run even for a while. I hve no idea what else I could do, and I don’t think the problem is the power supply, because the shader works better. I have adjusted the gap between the front spring and contact screw until i have gone mad, it makes some difference but not enough for the machine to run smoothly.

    I do not know any tattoo artist personally, so I cannot ask help in person. I would love to get an apprentice somewhere, but I will soon graduate as social worker, have a part time job and I’m in an art therapy training. I’m also thinking of studying further and looking for a more demanding job in social field. I’m 25 already and I have so much other things so I cannot use 2 years of my life as an apprentice anymore because tattooing takes years to master it… So I have no idea how I could get help with the machine, since tattooing is my passion but social work is one also.

    So I would be grateful if someone would share a solution they had on a similar problem(s), and how you learned to adjust coil machines? Since I am completely lost and afraid that I will just have to give up tattooing completely

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     stephen vanzant 

    Hey did you get your machine fixed?

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