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    Nicely done

    I like the design

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    I like it :D

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    Thanks for the comments here’s some script on the wife’s shoulder

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    I am neither a fan of script, nor tribal, but pretty well done none-the-less.

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    Looks pretty red in that one.

    Also you’re not letting them smoke while your tattooing them are you?

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    No not while I’m tattooing and I tattoo in another room I have set up but thanks for the concern

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    I assumed that, bur y’know safety first lol

    Nice script though :)

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    What was your set up on these? Needles? What brand of ink?

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    I used a 3rl for the script and 5rs to fill in.. For the trible piece I used a 5rl and 7rs to fill in.. I Kuro Sumi for black and starbrite for color

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    Anything said in this post is mean to be constructive…

    As far as the first tattoo, it looks like a phoenix coming out of a dragon shaped like a tree? Hard to make out what it’s supposed to be.

    It would be easier to say to something about the linework if you had a picture of the lines BUT since I can’t see any blowouts or crossed lines, especially in the thin ‘ends’, I have to say well done.

    As far as the fill goes, the saturation is weak and it will be more obvious when it heals. BUT you didn’t make hamburger anywhere I can see… so I’m assuming that you could have stretched more… or just slowed down a bit and you’d have nailed it.

    As far as the script work, you’ve put it in a rough location. Tattooing script lettering with the scrolled serifs can be a challenge anywhere on the body. Coming around the shoulder like that had to be rough. Doing that with a T3… even tougher, and it shows. Next time I’d work a tight 5, you did fine with it in the first piece, right?

    Again, with the fill, it seems like you’re not stretching the skin tight enough (which can be tough in that area) or moving a little too fast trying to get it filled.

    Keep it up, I’ve done worse.

    The only other recommendation I have is try to keep your client’s hair out of the tattoo until you’re done with it.

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    Very nice, it looks professional. How much it costs?

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     kojekojek kojek 

    looks great bro…

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    looks good bu i agree pretty red.

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