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    Ok i posted this in the practice section, but realized its more suited to here, so ill copy and past, and if mods dont mind you can delete my other thread in how to practice. so here goes.

    Ok hi im the new guy here and im at work so i dont have much time, but i wanted to share my newest technique for practicing lines. Its pretty simple so ill make this short and sweet. first prepare your gun as if you were about to do an actual tattoo. remove the grip, needle,and tube. next step is to insert a ballpoint pen into the gun, and tighten as if you were tightening your grip and tube. Get it as close to the actual tube length as possible. it should sit in your hand like a normal tat gun when assembled. now crank up your juice and hit your foot pedal. as you will see its like a tattoo simulation. pull out some flash or drawings whatever you have. and practice all lines with your gun. get used to vibration, find a comfortable position for you to tat. just get more comfortable with using your gun. no practice is better for preparing you for skin than actually doing it. but this dam sure got my confidence up. im comfortable with my gun and my linework has drastically improved in a day just thanks to practicing like this. Hell i got so good that im comfortable with tatting myself. So have fun back to work i go.

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     Miguel Darrigrande 

    Thats actually a really good idea, i tried doing it but without hitting the pedal for vibration

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     Jonathan Wright 

    Ive heard/seen that done before but no one ever though to actually hit the pedal and run the machine so your also used to the vibration. My liner is very solid so the vibration is minimal but this would still help. One of the reasons I still prefer my coils over rotary machines is because i just love the sound of a machine tuned just right. Where it just humms along but is pushing plenty of power where I poorly tuned machine would need to be turned up to sound like a lawn mower to produce the same power of hit against the skin, My liners in the sweet spot.

    What if a newbie was running a rotary that is basically silent without vibration? I guess then you wouldnt need it to create the simulation effect as much

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