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    if your using machine covers and disposabletube and grips does the machine need to be autoclaved? if so when and what parts need to be cleaned?

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    most coil tattoo machines are not autoclaved – infact this might ruin the machine – which is exactly why you cover them
    you only autoclave the tubes, tips and grips
    pneuma machines can be autoclave safe –
    as far as I know they are the only ones

    but you have to have an air compressor…

    always bag your machines

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     inky V 

    its good to still take the machine apart about once a month and clean it just like tubes and only autoclave the frame and and the hardware. not the coils. coils should wiped off with bleach water. you should clean everything down after each tattoo session, including your machines with bleach water. just spray it on a paper towel and wipe your machines really good getting in every tight spot. also wipe off your table, even though it has been wrapped with wrapping. clip-cord, power supply if you have it on your contaminated table.

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    be careful with residual chemicals causing corrosion on your machine parts especially on cheaper coated a-bars and coils / solder lugs – tend to corrode really fast when harsh chemicals are introduced.

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    If you are planning to run a tattoo shop, it is important to know not only how to use the tattoo equipment, but also how to clean them after tattoo doing. The best tool for cleaning your tattoo machines is an autoclave. You also need to prepare water, antibacterial soap, rubbing alcohol, q-tips, gloves, sterilized bags and tissues.

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     YUER TM 

    for the tattoo machine cleaning issue,i find a small video on yotube: hope this is helpful

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