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    So I got an Eikon 400 the other day and read the manual. In it, it is saying that a liner should run about from 120-150 cps and color packers should run around 80 cps. I’ve tried to get my Mickey Sharpz T-dial down that slow and can’t seem to get it there. First question would be, at what speed and voltage are most of you running your liners? 150 just sounds a little hot for me. Then, is there a way for me to get my T-dial down to 80 cps? Or is this a crazy number?

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    it all comes down to tuning, the capacitor, springs, and the coils
    i have a liner that runs at 200Hz, which is essentially cps
    80 seems VERY slow
    my colour packers run around 90-100
    as far as voltage thats something you need to playa round with to find out on your own
    every machine is different
    your power supply doesnt affect speed just how hard your needle hits, the power
    when you set up your machine if your touch your A bar and your needle goes all the way back into the tube, voltage is too low
    if you touch the a bar and the needle doesnt bog down at all, voltage is too low
    you want it to bog down a little but not so much that you wont be penetrating the skin
    if its too high youll rip the skin open
    also look at your A bar. youll notice while running there will be a triangle shadow. the thinner the point the better! :D

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    Find The Speed That works for you. That you are comfortable with. As for Volts etc that is only a guide line. The Same Machine Same Customer Will probably be ran at a different speed. The set up of the machine does dictate the speed of your hands. This is why understanding how to build a machine is so important. So You can customize it. To The way you tattoo.

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    I’m not much help here…..I use my thumb to tune my machine. I dont go by duty, cycles, power output…etc.

    I’ve seen folks use all kinds of method formulas to calculate what their needs are on machines. lol thats all kewl. But for me….I just let the A-bar and my thumb determine pretty much…..what machine i’m going for, liner, packer, shader…etc.

    I look forward to reading the responses to this topic. This particular topic on the other sites seems to get pretty in depth. Either way doesnt hurt to read….

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    Same for me to.. I use a ten turn and use sound and my thumb..

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    Voltage definitely affects speed. It affects the hit more but harder hitting usually means its running faster. You just shouldn’t use the voltage to adjust speed, only hit. The sharpz, is it set up as a shader? Does it have a shader capacitor on it? That will greatly affect the speed. The higher rated the cap the slower your machine will be. That’s why shaders are usually 47 or 50 or whatever. And liners are like 20-something I believe. You can tell by feeling the nipple on the a bar when it’s running. It shouldn’t hit super hard as a shader so it should feel like its hitting relatively soft when you touch it. And it should bog down pretty well but not too much. Hope that made any sense.

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    That is the capacity and with the essential task which is been provided is also an efficient part.

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    Speed is more of an issue in Rotary machines. For coils try to get the right amount of needle penetrating force for the needed effect.

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