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    Ok, I have used all of my Intenze up. With exception of a few bottles that i didn’t like the way they looked so i didn’t use them. One of my artist went to a local tattoo convention in our area and they was all using eternal, starbrite, and bloodline but no intenze! He asked one of the artist there and his reply was intenze ink was a thing of the past and the colors suck. I have been using intenze for over two years now and i thought they were working well.? I am having to do a few touch ups here and there where it should have taken, but all in all the colors seem vibrant and smooth. My question is before i spend alot and i mean ALOT of money on a new ink set, i just wanted to get a few opinions what you guys think would be best? I know some brands have some good ones and bad ones but in need one that all in all the inks in the set are all good and reliable. Im really leaning on eternal and was gonna get a set at one time but, just like intenze it has only those darker tones. I have used starbrite before and like the outcome but do not like the way it goes in… I don’t know guys!!!! HELP!!!!

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    I like Intenze Zuper Black. I wasnt really a fan of many of their other colours.

    I like Alla Prima. Their inks are on the thicker side, so they need a ballbearing inside to help with mixing. In the cup just add a drop or two of witch hazel if you find they are too thick.

    I’ve also been using Radiant Colours from Hildbrant, and Eternal. I like them both :)

    Kuro Sumi is my end-all-be-all for shading.

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    nice.. Thanks

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    np bro :)

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