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    Ok, I have used all of my Intenze up. With exception of a few bottles that i didn’t like the way they looked so i didn’t use them. One of my artist went to a local tattoo convention in our area and they was all using eternal, starbrite, and bloodline but no intenze! He asked one of the artist there and his reply was intenze ink was a thing of the past and the colors suck. I have been using intenze for over two years now and i thought they were working well.? I am having to do a few touch ups here and there where it should have taken, but all in all the colors seem vibrant and smooth. My question is before i spend alot and i mean ALOT of money on a new ink set, i just wanted to get a few opinions what you guys think would be best? I know some brands have some good ones and bad ones but in need one that all in all the inks in the set are all good and reliable. Im really leaning on eternal and was gonna get a set at one time but, just like intenze it has only those darker tones. I have used starbrite before and like the outcome but do not like the way it goes in… I don’t know guys!!!! HELP!!!!

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    I like Intenze Zuper Black. I wasnt really a fan of many of their other colours.

    I like Alla Prima. Their inks are on the thicker side, so they need a ballbearing inside to help with mixing. In the cup just add a drop or two of witch hazel if you find they are too thick.

    I’ve also been using Radiant Colours from Hildbrant, and Eternal. I like them both :)

    Kuro Sumi is my end-all-be-all for shading.

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    nice.. Thanks

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    np bro :)

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    :lol: :arrow: Caution Do Not Rely On What Artist @ a Tattoo Convention Say about a Product ! :!: { THEY ARE TYPICALLY SPONSORED BY COMPANIES } :roll: This means they get FREE Product & MONEY !! To Plug That Specific Product… Find Out What Works For You! If it Works & You like it there you go… This is a huge problem in the Tattoo Industry. If I use This Ink & this Power supply & Those needles & This machine That ” THE BIG DOGS ” use my work will look like theirs WRONG ! Their Machines are Custom Built for them by their Sponsors. If You ask 10 artist which ink is best you most likely get 8 different answers ! It is a personal choice. That being said pigment weight & carrier solution do make a difference. Mom’s Loaded with pigment, So is alla-Prima & Arcane, Eternal Intenze Inks Pop Bright Colors. Star-Brite Nice ink. Blood Line & skin candy same company & colors are bright. If Color is bright typically an indication of an acrylic pigment base. Detailed explanation: You can make your own Ink from Powder Pigment: & a carrier solution – I want to start with the different types of ink first. Understand this & it just gets so much easier. First off there is No FDA approved ink! Next Do not use distilled water for Ink. Its for car batteries. We have used for years: Medical Grade Sterile Water, Medical Grade Glycerin, Which-Hazel, medical grade rose water.. a mixture of these. Rubbing Alcohol is a no no, Glycerol Alcohol, you use the alcohol that is in Vodka ( gly pro) . Tattoo Ink is not Ink it is a Powder Pigment suspended in a carrier solution. The Carrier Solution does 4 things 1.) keeps the ink evenly mixed. 2.) Disinfects. 3.) Provides for even flow for distribution. 4.) Gives the ink its constancy, (ie) Thick, Thin . Thin Inks more Water & or Alcohol, & or Witch-Hazel . Thicker means more Glycerin. Too much glycerin & the Ink become oily. & if you see a crystallization forming on the bottle after it is left out open. typically it is the Alcohol drying out in the air just add some witch hazel & your back in business. Now I have heard some say I left the cap out all night & the ink is still wet. That means its the best. No it means it has less alcohol & more water & mainly Glycerin that will keep it moist. All you need to make ink is listed above. National Tattoo Supply Carries Powder Pigment, so does Alla-Prima. You will also need sterile bottles to put it in. a Blender to mix it in. ( Not Your Kitchen Blender ). India Ink, Pen Ink, Have all been used in prison & home made Scratchier tattoos . The Power Pigments Basically Break down into 3 types: 1.) Vegetable Base. 2.) Carbon Base (ie) Metals, Salts, Copper, Nickle, Steel, Lead, etc… 3.) Acrylic or Plastic Based. Now advantages & disadvantages of each : Vegetable Base, Advantage :Organic Less Toxic that’s good this is the best for your clients health. Disadvantage typically does not last as long (ie) fades fast in sun light. Next is the Carbon Based They can still claim ORGANIC – However try & get an MRI with tattoos & guess what Metal in the ink is effected by the Magnets.ALL Black Ink is Carbon Based!!! Some Manufacturers also use carbon based inks in colors. This is why their are so many allergic reactions to some pigments REDS & BLUES. Advantage Carbon last a long time it typically goes in the skin well. Disadvantages Look Above – Health. some of these carbons are TOXIC. Next is Acrylic or Plastic Based pigments: Advantages – Popping Bright Colors, since its an Acrylic (ie) like automotive paint it will generally hold up well. Disadvantages: Health Risk No one knows what is going to happen 20 yrs down the road. However I feel that plastics are used in artificial joints etc in medical procedures. So this to me is not a huge concern. But fact. Also Blending can be an issue for some. With acrylic based pigments. Tip a Stainless Steel bearing,bolt or nut sterilized first can be placed in ink bottle to help mix ink when shaken. I find a stainless steel bolt works best & is easy to find, it does not get caught in the ink pourer when pouring inks… :idea: :geek: :mrgreen: Bill

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