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    Hi All!
    My name is Dee and I’m new to the tattoo world. Well new goings from getting tattoos to becoming a tattoo artist.

    My husband got me a kit for my bday. That was in October and I have yet to turn my machines on. I needed steril things like machine covers, cord sleeves, sharps container.

    I like having fun. Joking around. Being around other artists. I do have what my husband calls my “freaky” gift. I’m able to pick up any art medium and just do it. BUT, I’m not saying I’m instantly great or anything. I believe no matter what you do, there’s always more to learn. What do I do? Well, stained glass wall hangings, beading, wood burning, chain mail (I even made my own links), body art, painting and henna, draw, paint, airbrush silk screaming, and more. I don’t think I have a freaky gift. I’m dyslexic and I think my brain just worked around it.

    I’m hoping to meet some new friends. It would be cool if someone was close, then we could learn together. I wanna know everything. Then maybe I can turn it around and teach someone. Who knows.


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    welcome :3

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    Welcome to the forum.

    You should have no problem getting everything you need (sterile-wise and more) from Unimax Supply. They’ve got a Texas and NY store, so if one is sold out, the other has it.

    There are tons of great resources here. Many topics cover a lot of great places to get supplies, machines, tubes, needles and more from. My first recommendation would be to do some serious hunting before you spend any money. If you ever have any questions, people are very friendly and responsive here! Don’t hesitate to reach out.

    Good luck and don’t give up!

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