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    Hi all,

    Despite the fact that i have always been very keen to get a tattoo, it was only at the age of 35 i got my first ink. Douchebag for some, awesome for others, i got a Tribal ink on my full right arm, chest, and half of my back.
    I was looking at the skill of my tattoo artist, and may i add, a very close friend of mine, and i got thinking that tatting didn’t look that hard to do. I have always loved to sketch some cartoons, and drawings, so i showed him my stuff, and he told me that i should take an apprentice course with him.
    In the words of a wise man, “too old to old on, too young to just break free and run”, so, being a apprentice and bowing to my sensei, cleaning the studio, and learning 24/7 was not quite compatible with having a job, a family, and non-art-related responsibilities. (not to speak about the $400 he asked me for).
    Apprenticeship demands full-time dedication, and unfortunately, i don’t have the life for it… yet.
    I’m on a self-taught path, learning everything i can, with friends, on the web, and specially, with my pig skins.

    Hope to grow and learn more with you you guys help.

    Thank you in advance.

    (No, i dont mess with human victims lol)

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    Welcome to the family!

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    $400 sounds pretty cheap the guy i just talked to was looking more for 5000 to 8000.. look forward to seeing your work and seeing you progress

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    You shouldn’t pay for and apprenticeship. It is paid for through sweat and hard work. Unless, the price includes you’re mentor buying you’re machines or building the machines with that money and material you are going to be working with.. That is just my opinion. That is how my mentor did it.

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    Yeah. Thats exactly my opinion.

    Thank you so much guys. Its nice to have a warm welcome and to know that many share the same probs/issue than me.

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    Your’e welcome .. We are glad to have ya…What kind of machines are ya running? Or are you still drawling stencils at this point?

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    i have a Ripcurl and a Black Widow III, from killerinktattoo.
    Easy to set up and run very smooth.
    Waiting for a friend to repair one Autoclave for me, and im all set.
    Even though still on fake skin, i do all the same hygiene procedures as if i were working on a real one.
    Im too sissy to bloodline my own thighs hehehe

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    I went and checked those machines out they look to be pretty solid.. Where do you hail from? UK? Just wondering because the machine prices wasn’t US curancy …

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    Greetings from Portugal :D

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    K, que a tinta ou pigmento está usando para suas tatuagens?

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    Hi again all!

    One year as passed. and im updating my work to you guys.

    Any commentary is very well welcome ;)

    Thank you in advance,

    Feel free to Like my Facebook Page

    I have some drawing stuff there too.

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    I like your work!

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    Thank you!! :D

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