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    Hi. I have this problem with lining. I have Micky Sharpz liner, so all the time it was doing great lines, and still is.. but now when I do lines, the skin swolles, and you can see a bit blood, but I know that it shouldnt be like that, I tried to change speed, but then the lines are not looking good, I know im not going also too deep, so only what I can do is to change setting on the contact screw, tried bigger gap smaller gap still the same. After like 2hours or something its not swollen anymore, its all good, but when tattooing it is more painfull, and shouldnt be like that. Thats why not using the machine on other people, just on myself, trying to figure it out.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Hmmm interesting
    you say you’ve only tattooed yourself? And nowvthe lines are swollen???

    And it didnt happen before??

    This piece where the swollen sits, where on your body is this?
    And have you tried a different place???

    I’m asking since I have tried this too, on a costumer. Two tattooes were done on him, the first place, on his forearm. Went well and turned out great. Number two, on his shoulderblade. He swell soo much we had to stop, and the next time, there were nothing to mention.

    did you eat well? Got a good rest???

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    there are many many factors that go into a tattoo. the area, and the how sensitive your client’s skin is will affect the swelling. try adding 4 capfuls of witch hazel and bactine to your wash bottle. itll help a lot.

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    I would say that you have the back spring bent to much and has to much force..

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    Mickey sharpz machines are notoriously fast and hard hitting liners. They’re set up for pros I wouldn’t reccomend them for beginners. I have one that was given to me by an old timer and has been used by a lot of old timers and they love it. But I hate it. That being said swelling does happen its not abnormal. I mean its not ideal but some people have more sensitive skin. As long as its laying a good clean line and healing reasonably fast I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

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    Allright, thanks a lot everyone.

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    You should have to use it in an very good and mild sensitive manner.

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