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    I use Waverly, dynamic and eternal and they are awesome inks!! But when it comes to blue i always have trouble. Does anyone have or have used a good blue that goes in bright and doesn’t heal real dark? True blue by eternal heals way to dark and blue by dynamic is kinda like a sky light blue when it heals and the waverly has a green tent to it. I am thinking of using Alla Prima has anybody got any experience with this ink?

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    I love Alla Prima’s blues, reds, and golden yellow :3

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    Yes, definitely try Alla Prima. I’ve heard good things.
    You could also try Old Gold. They have a blue concentrate that supposed to be pretty intense.

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    I am more than happy with the waverly its just blues really. When i first started tattooing i used starbrite blue but my mentor told me to throw that crap in the trash!! But, i seen a couple tattoos i did with it and they where crazy bright blue!! Im gonna order some Alla Prima. Kuro Sumi are the only color besides Fusion that i haven’t tried. I don’t know what it is about blue, purple is fine and i have no issues but they are pretty much related..

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    Hey Rob!
    I placed an order with Waverly over the phone the other day. We talked A LOT about blues.
    They just started making a Blue Concentrate that’s not on the site yet. Holy SH!T is it deep!!! It’s a little more expensive but a bottle goes a long way.

    Also, the guy suggested I check out National’s Electric Blue. He says it pops like crazy and isn’t like any blue they make.

    Just wanted to share before I forgot about it. Happy hunting brother!

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    Thanks bro i appreciate the help.. I bought a bottle of perfect blue by alla prima/arcane and it is the hands down best blue i have ever used!! It flies into the skin and heals even brighter than what the bottle seems!! It also works good when feathering it out… I can not wait to try more of their pigments

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