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    I just wanted to know if anybody has had this problem before? At the shop i use eternal but i didn’t care much for the lighter colors, so i bought about 20 1/5 oz of Intenze from CAM tattoo supply, Au-qua, Sea-foam, Kola-id, All the pinks, purples and so on.. Well this was two months ago. I got them cause my mentor swore by Intenze. Well they went into the skin great and began to heal great! But about every five or so tattoos that i did, they where almost healed, i mean no peeling no nothing! And then they would develop these little bumps around the tattoo, nothing inside the color work or even near the line work, just maybe one or two or so close to the tattoo.. Nothing that would effect the healing or appearance, my mentor said these where ink bumps where when the ink is applied and goes through the blood stream and tries to reject it.. I had never had any problems with any other brands like this so i called Cam and the supplier to ask if there had been a recall or any reporting s like this and they said no…. I just wanted to ask your guys opinion on this matter because that is alot of ink to throw away if maybe there is something that i did wrong because i know that i didn’t cross contaminate any of these inks!!

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    thanks for the replys!!!

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    Do the bumps go away eventually?

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    Yep! They all have healed outstanding! Color good, gradients smooth, They are just aggravating ya know…I have only had 3 cases of this incident.. never in the tattoo just one or two around…. Bugs the piss out of me!

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    Tell your clients to clean around the tattoo w/ Q-tip and alcohol. Its probably from the aftercare product. Use less. When you shave area – then clog pores w/ A&D or vasaline the tattoo area might get acne. It goes away. Might also be minor allergic reaction to pigments w/ red base.

    Hope that helps!!

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    Thanks.. That makes sence! I myself have never like a&d i use aqua 4.. But i have been using vasaline lately and that’s probably the problem….. Thank you!

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