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    Has anyone used that immortal or scream ink by World Wide Tattoo supply?? I was just wondering if it is or isn’t good. I know all ink manufacturers start out selling their ink cheap and then as it gets its rep they raise there prices.

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    Honestly, your inks will determine who bright your tattoos are and how long they will last. This is the one place I will not try to save money. And honestly, at $10/ounce…and seeing how far an ounce goes…there is no reason. Buy it one at a time if you have to.

    1/2 set of eternals…I think 12 different colors…is only $50 plus shipping. And it’s industry proven safe and beautiful.


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    I agree with you. I usually place an order for supply’s and with every order i get a 2oz bottle of ink that i like. I just thought it might have been some new line of ink that was trying to get there name out there. I have been using Intenze for awhile and found that they go in the skin great and the colors seem to be vibrant but sometimes leave me wanting more. Starbrite colors are nice as far as there pink, yellows, greens and oranges but they are to thin for me..I don’t know i am thinking about trying Eternal Ink!!!

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    Yes, Ive used Scream, and while I cant knock the ink itself I totally agree with Mark, spend the money on quality inks. There are plenty of inks out there to choose from that are quality for even a tight budget, buy a few at a time, basic colors go a long way, and a half ounce of ink will last you a good long while for sure. I think in the long run youll be glad you spent the extra money on the ink and didnt take the short cut.

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    Thanks guys! Im gona order some Eternal inks this week and give a try on my thy..

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    Worldwide tattoo is DANGEROUS too. They sell knockoffs, Chinese inks, and are a very unethical company. Just Google ‘worldwide tattoo supply review’ or SCREAM INK IS DANGEROUS! I cannot believe this ink brand exists and I must mention that buying from something to that extent and enjoy the shiftiest on this company.

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    World wide tattoo had become very popular now days as it one of the famous and familiar one.

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     Craig Bishop 

    Good ink and scream ink shouldnt be said in the same sentence lol go with the standard intenze eternal starbrite so on so on. I use waverly or stable ink stable you have to work in a shop but bill waverly will sell to anyone. It is thicker and you have to slow your machine down but it is good ink. also solid Ink is very good

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     Kelley Lloyd 

    solid Ink is very good

    I agree. I often order solid inks on https://tattooist.com/collections/tattoo-inks. They are the most safe, absolutely non toxic pigments, according to their history, and records of being non allergic for the human skin. Most colors tested and approved by CTL lab in Bielefeld Germany for safety and skin reactivity complying with European legislation on tattoo colors. Price is around $10-15..

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