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    Hi All!
    My name is Dee and I’m new here. I need to post in the other newbie forum but something is bothering me and I’d love some feedback.

    In my area there are two tattoo shops. For this I’ll call them A and B.

    At shop A I was getting a tattoo done and saw a picture n the wall. It’s a “before and after” photo and it’s not only framed but the artist worked in who did the origional is on the photo for all to see. If you ask me I’d say this is an older tattoo which faded and needed some brightening up. Before and after, make’s sense

    Wile there at shop A I asked about the photo and the artist was very quick to tell me the origional was very poorly done and he had to completely redo the tattoo. The way the person spoke about shop B was very clearly saying shop B is bad. Bad tattoos and artists work there. It was also clear that this picture was hung on the wall so people will ask aout it and shop A will get more business.

    I don’t know shop etiquette. I don’t know if things like this happen a lot. I also don’t know if shop B should be told. As for me, my opinion, I’ve been an artist my entire life doing all sorts of mediums. I’ve fixed bad art but never have I told anyone who the original artist was. Personally I think that’s really going above and beyond. I’m going to learn tattooing but not like this. No way I’ll throw someone else under a bus just to get ahead. Geese even here I’m not posting the artist or shop I’m talking about.

    Any opinions, thoughts, etc… Please post them.


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    that’s definitely a dick move
    i was always taught never to talk badly about other shops/artists because we wouldnt want them to talk shit about us :3

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    I think the same thing. Putting that picture up with the label is wrong. And the tattoo wasn’t a bad tattoo! Even though I’m new I have been getting tattoos for 15 yrs. plus I have what my husband calls my “freaky gift”. I think it’s just because I’m dyslexic and my brain found a way around that.

    There’s more to this story which pisses me off even more. This guy constantly posts about the wonderful things he does for people like the homeless. Now i’m all for helping but when you use it to gain fame it’s wrong. Funny thing, those things get posted when he gets a pat on the back. If someone else doesn’t give it to him, he posts it himself. He’s loving, kind, will do anything, gie you the shirt off his back… If you look at his site and back over the past it’s very obvious.

    I’m still wondering if I or someone else should tell shop b about the picture he hung up.


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    that i dont know
    if you do just make sure you let them know you want to remain anonymous. you don’t want to burn any bridges, or cause drama for yourself you know?
    Even when I do cover ups, or touch ups I do put a “Before” and “after” but I never mention who did the original, nor do I say “zomg that old tat was bad!” i let other people judge it for themselves.

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    I can speak for myself! My town there are only two tattoo shops mine and the other one.. They feel the need to do the same as you mentioned to my shop! Although i can stand firm and tell you we do not put bad work out the door but they thing they are so high and mighty. We do not do this at my shop and if anything we speak nothing but good about the other out of respect for tattooing.. You will run into this anywhere you go!! Just look over it and strive to not be like that!

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    Yeah, thats def a bad move on their sides.
    But yes, this is a thing thats happening all over the place. Even in my country its pretty bad. Here we have only a few good artists, the rest just bad talks about each other.
    A thing one can learn from this. Be the bigger person, and let your art do the talking. Let the client do the talking. If a client has a bad experience, the will tell everybody.

    So this is actually lesson number 1 in becomming a tattoo artist. Dont be like that.

    And about that; “I’m soo good and helpfull” people can and will be blind for that kind of stuff. But nevertheless, it will not last forever. Thats why I do not support famous people for doing charity. They only do it, cause its good for their PR. If they really wanted to help, and if they really cared, they would do so un-named, and didnt want the shoulder pat for this “HONORABLE” gesture. And would say NO, to be part of people magazine listing top of the “Most Generous Famous People” Its all for free PR. ;)
    These people dosent impress me. ;)

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    It’s a dick move and I’d never do it.

    Not knowing Shop A or Shop B it’s hard to say.

    But is it possible that Shop A has seen lots of similar work from Shop B? Perhaps their frustration with Shop B has prompted this act?

    The last shop I worked at had some competition. At least… the ‘competition’ viewed it as competition. I wasn’t worried about two guys working in a converted lawnmower shed. I used to hear about things they had to say about my work, shop or clients. Then I’d sit down and do a tattoo they couldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole.

    I wouldn’t recommend getting into the shit slinging game but it will happen. The best revenge when people talk shit is to up the ante by outperforming them in all areas of your business, from technical proficiency to artistic ability to customer service.

    This will probably make them talk more shit… but they won’t be able to talk it for long when you take the bulk of ‘their’ customers.

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