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    I hope this is the right thread to post this in.

    So one of my very first clients came around yesterday. He is also a very good friend. He was the first besides myself, that came under the needle I guided. Of course I didn’t charge him anything. I wouldn’t want to do that, especially the first time around. (almost 1 and a half year ago)
    He was still pleased, and apparently felt that he owed me something.
    Here is the link for my first tattoo on another person
    Yub, had a poor camera, sorry guys.

    Yesterday, he came with a big gift, in a big box. In it, was a LED light board, an arm rest, and the best part, a Deathless Clip Cord and Tat Soul Premium Foot Switch… I was blown away. My old foot switch was a scissor switch and really sucked. I had a client coming later, and the new toys had to be taken for a test run.
    As I came from a poor foot switch, I maybe over praising the Tat Soul. But its a piece of art, and its heavy duty, so it sits in the place you put it.
    I know its just a piece of equipment, but the way it looks, and the great consistency it delivers, is just way too awesome.
    Any of you have experience with the Tat Soul Foot Switch?
    I for one cannot praise it any higher ;)

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    You sir have hit the motherload as far as footswitches in my opinion

    mine isnt TatSoul but it is the same thing. the things weigh a ton, are durable as heck, and best of all YOU CAN PUSH THE BUTTON ANYWHERE!
    centre, side, upside down, on the ceiling, in mid air [ok im overexagerating !]
    but i have basically the same thing and i love it to death. they work fantastically, and never break down…. EVER
    they are super consistent too

    the deathless is also fantastic :3
    your buddy must really like you man!

    also that tat is amazing!
    even with a bad camera it looks great

    heres a tip: take your picture before putting ointment on. this will get rid of that shiny effect

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    Again, I did a piece yesterday. And this switch….. My god. Took myself in trying to line it up against my foot, only to realise…. No need, just press it no matter how it sits.
    I think I will marry it :D

    I really dont know why he gave it to me, maybe he won some cash in poker I dont know. But his next tattoo projekt, is on me :D

    Thanks. He even told me that it didnt even start to itch or any other annoyences. :)
    Yeah I know about the no ointment on pictures. But hey, this was the first, so I just forgot in the heat of the battle ;)

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    yeah man i know how that is
    you just get excited and get a head of yourself XD

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