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     business of tattoo 

    what are the first things I should do if I want to go into the tattoo business for myself.?

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    You should become a tattoo artist – learn – become an apprentice… learn the shop, work in SEVERAL shops. See good and bad. go to conventions.
    Check out Paradise Tattoo Gathering – and learn learn learn!
    Do not try to just open a shop – you might succeed but it will probably not be a very good one.
    Best of Luck!

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    You should be well aware of what’s in the world of tattoos. Having a passion to it would be a great start.

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    If you are going to start your own tattoo business, then firstly you should know all about tattooing and get the training for it. Start a tattoo business that is really a good nowadays because it’s booming very quickly in all over the world.

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    You’ll need to be an apprentice first to get the knowledge on HOW to tattoo, also do your research on BBP the history of tattooing, the other styles of tattooing, and such. The best advice anyone can give you is learn as much about the tattoo industry as possible before even starting to think about owning your own studio

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    I agree with all the above. Opening a shop is not just about the ink. You gotta have some business sense as well. Marketing, how to get your artists exposure, handle situations, paperwork, suppliers and so on. I wish it was just ink ink ink…And tbh it’s not enough to just have a history in tattooing, you should have a history in running a shop as well as a shop manager. Any decent shop when you apprentice will , should, help you learn these things too. Part of learning to tattoo is also learning the business end of things. All shops should have rules, proper proceedures and so on. As a shop owner YOUR job is not just the sucess of the shop, but the sucess of your artists as well. Simply put, they do well and stay happy, you do well and stay happy. However that is not as simple as it sounds since you are dealing with individuals, creative individuals, and will encounter some unusual stuff along the way. A shop owner that actually tattoos wears every hat, Artist, Lead Artist, Shop Manager, Customer Service, Mom/Dad to all the other artists, Promoter, Resolution dispute moderator, Supply Clerk, Health Inspector, Janitor, Friend, Mentor, Student, Business Owner………Sincerly it is not something to just jump into, and never ever under estimate the power of the word NO!
    Just keep in mind that as a shop owner everything falls on your head. An artist decides they are gonna do drugs and gets bombed and ur off for the day and they royally jack someone up, YOUR fault. Someone ran the autoclave wrong and broke it and the same day a health inspector comes in and sees a dirty mess and broke clave, YOUR fault. And so on and so forth. Gotta be ready and able to handle and cope with those kinds of things should they happen. Most of the time owning a shop is fun, and works well, other times you just wanna go all nutzo and fire everyone and start tearing heads from shoulders. Ah the ups and downs of what we do! LOL…

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    Business is a must have quallity. You could be a darn good artist. But f your shop runs down… Well your screwed. You could always jump from parlour to parlour, doing guest stuff. But to have your own, thats awesome ;)

    Actually this opened my eyes a bit. Never thought of it before.
    I never knew what I wanted to be, job means. But now, when I trace a line in all those educations I’ve been through it all makes up.

    Startet at business school, and got my self a colledge degree in business management. Then I startet as a Technical Designer. Afterwards I came back to school, giving myself a bachelor in advance public management, this time at the International Business Colledge. Finishing my studies at the Danish Tax Agency , were I handled business taxes…

    It all ads up to me starting my own business :D :D :D

    (Okey there are 4 more educations, Ive been in, but 3 of them Inever finished)

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    Don’t forget to add a degree in psychology for when you gotta be the therapists to the artists woring for you as well! :lol: :lol: :lol:

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    Thanks for sharing great information.

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    So, I have been gone for a minute, getting back now. Had my plans destroyed by local assholes that made promises then didn’t keep them and I screwed up by not having a back up plan in place, regardless, wanted to throw this in real quick, it’s not just business and talent that runs a shop, it is experience as well. I found a guy that is self taught, as in has never done an apprenticeship, never worked in a shop before mine, and is a good artist. Has a real knack for black and grey realism and since that is basically ONLY what he is good at that is mostly ONLY the kind of tattoo work he does. NOW, after 6 months working in my shop, things go very bad between myself and my landlord, I get locked out and am now in a civil battle with the jerk. Long loooong story. Well this guy who has a full 6 months actually working in the tattoo industry got an offer to rent out a very nice space in a decent and possible prime location, and he took it. 6 months in and he feels that he has learned everything there is to learn about running a shop and hiring new artists, dealing with issues, and artists and customers and so on….So the moral of this story is that in my 11 years in this industry I STILL know that I don’t have all the skills necessary to deal with everything, but i do know how to hire, deal with issues, set up for conventions and so on. Running a tattoo shop is NOT as easy as it looks, especially if you are a working artist. I have seen many many shops open close open close due to inexperience and new comers thinking they know what needs to be done. Take your time and avoid the failures peeps, because in this case failures mean hits against your reputation and reputation is EVERYTHING in this business…Catch ya later.

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    You have to be aware of the all tattoo designs and side effects and even latest patterns and designs about tattoo also.

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    :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Spider you made me laugh, man.

    Yeah… shop drama. The one side of the ‘business’ that is a killer.

    Nothing like some artist’s ‘chic’ hounding the shop because she thinks he’s cheating.

    Or egos among artists on staff starting shit with each other.

    If I ever open a studio I’ll work alone and wife can run it. If any of the guys I’ve worked with who I still get along with get interested they’d be welcome. But they like cities… and I like boonies.

    I’ll probably just keeping heating, beating and welding.

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     YUER TM 

    you need to learn to be the artist first,then the shop need tattoo mechines and other tattoo suplies you’d better join in some forums for learning and sharing more knowledge.

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