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    In My Opinion I would not buy a ” TATTOO KIT ” although it does have some advantages it gives you a head start on supplies you will need. Typically Kits are over priced & do not contain equipment that will last.

    First Thing get a good book to start out with: C.R. Jordan’s Book Tattooing Basics.,

    You Can Buy Every Thing that is in a Kit, Individually. Generally of higher quality that will last you a good while in your new career.
    Personally I would look at: Amazon, : Alie Express,, DH Gate, They typically all offer free shipping.& Guarantee you will receive your products. I would look at quality Chinese Machines & Power Supplies, Clip Cords, Foot Switch, etc.. You can buy quality if you know what to look for & save 90% off retail.

    1.) Look for quality built machines, Constructed of either, Cast Iron, Cast Brass, Cast Copper, Cast Steel. They will hold up longer & generally have a truer frame geometry. C.N.C. Machined, machines hyper accurate, high quality. constructed of Air craft Aluminum, Aluminum, Steel, Brass, Copper. High quality CNC machines. Cast Iron tends to run a little cooler. Stay a way from Stamped Metal Chines Frames.they are Fubarbed from the get-go. When ran for extended times. $5.00 to $20 each. Note However with Chinese Rotary Machines They are generally as good as the real ones. No what to look for we will get to that. Coil Machines Most Chinese Coil machines will need to be rebuilt. New Coils, $25.00 Capacitor, $1.00, 47 uf is a good rating for beginners. for all coil machines. New Armature Bar, $1.00 to $6.00, New Springs,$1.00 to $5.00 a set. So Say $7.00 machine + the parts = $30 to $35 a piece is about right total. investment. Worth about $300 to $350.00 each. Wow! You can also buy knock off’s. So Quality & Looks. You Tube Channels with Information on this. Undergrounddemographix, Frame geometry for beginers talks about which Chines Machines are good. SinCityTattooz, Disc 1 & 2 #1. Tuning Your Machines. #2.Rebuilding your Chinese Machines. SUPPLIERS THAT HAVE GOOD PARTS FOR CHINESE MACHINES: Monster Steel, & Infinite Irons, , Both have quality parts, for Rebuilding Your Chinese Coil Tattoo Machines.

    2.) Power Supplies: Knock offs. * Look at Hurricane, $35.00 about 80% less than the real one. * Eikon $100.00 about a third of the real one. * Led Read out Dual Machine $20 or less only voltage read out.. Basic, no read out & only one machine hook up. $7.00. * IMO buy the Hurricane or The Dual Machine Led read out. Both the Hurricane & Eikon’s have not only volts, but amps, duty cycle, the ability to make the foot-switch a “Constant ” on or off. That means one click & it’s on & another one & it’s off. Very useful. Once you have tattooed for awhile you will see what’s meant here. Also a timer for time tattooing. If you charge by the hour. Then there you no arguing from client it is on the screen. These features are not necessary but are nice.

    3.) Clip Cord: $1.00 to $20.00. The $1.00 is a good quality one stick with at least a 5′ clip cord most 6′ The Dollar ones will not have the positive Terminal Marked. Typically both leads are black. Buy a Voltage Meter & Learn how to use it. In C.R. Jordan’s Book. They Can be used for a multitude of things in tattooing. Mark the Positive Lead with Red Nail Polish. & Save about $18.00 which you use to purchase your voltmeter.

    4.) Foot Switch: $3.00 to $50.00 ” A good price is about $5.00. ” * IMO Look for the Stainless Steel Round Foot Pedal with black rubber pad in the middle. Nice heavy construction. *

    5.) Needles, Monster Point, they also go by Piercing Pros on Quantity 50 – assorted Tattoo Needles, about $8.00 That is dirt Cheap. & Monster Point Makes High Quality Needles. They also sell Tattoo Supplies, piecing supplies & Jewelry. Great Company to deal with they really go that extra mile. More Expensive Needles Due to Sponsoring Artist & doing Tattoo Conventions. But Good Quality. – They sell needles & supplies +supplies for making your own needle groupings, Box of 50 about $25.00 Mithra,, They sell needles Tattoo Supplies & Materials for making your own needle groupings. Box of 50 about $25.00 So IMO Stick with Monster Point. a Jewelers Eye Loop. Dh Gate, Alie Express, Amazon Most say. 5 X & 15 X & 22X, I Say Get 1 like Get a 10X & 30-60X or higher with built in Led Lights. about $3.00 to $15.00. This is a must for checking needle, groupings for damage. Also a painters razor blade or a barbers. One side Flat & smooth so you can hold it. The other a thin, blade. For Separating needle groupings. Additionally a watch makers set of glasses built in lights. good for seeing intricate details. Following the needle tips when tattooing. About $ 1.00 to $8.00. Same Amazon, Alie-Express, DH Gate. This is a Huge Tip!

    6.) Tubes & Tube Grips. Amazon. you can find tube grips for about $5 to about $50.00 I would look at buying a set. They Typically have a set of say 7 tubes Aluminum or Stainless Steel,for $7.00. That is Cheap. U.S. Made usually about that much for just 1 Tube Grip. * Tube Tips look for a set Typically like 22 in a set Stainless Steel about $20.00 to $200.00. Again Amazon or DhGate or alie Express about $20.00 for a set of 22, Stainless Steel ones That is Cheap. You can also buy disposables. But I would stick with the Stainless Steel Tips & Aluminum or stainless steel grips. They are able to be sterilized & re-used like a dental instrument.

    7.) Spirt Master Paper:for Transferring stencils to skin. Stick With Spirt Master, it sticks better & last longer Than Plain Carbon Paper. 25 sheets about $8.00 on Amazon. You Can also buy hecto-graph pencils, quantity 12 in a box. about $8.00. This not Necessary. Just The Paper.

    8.) Green Soap – Cheapest Supplier: Superior Tattoo supply, or amazon A Gallon about $14.00. This will make several gallons. However I do not use it I use an Ant-Bacterial Soap diluted with water. Like dial Anti bacterial soap. Far Cheaper & works better. Dollar store, Wal-Mart, etc…

    9.) Medical Supplies : Alcohol 70%, Witch-Hazel, Dollar store, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, etc… $1.00 each. Sterile Water , 250 ml about $10.00, Amazon or – Medical Supply house look up on Google. or you could use Distilled Water, Drug Store, Wal-Mart., Dry-Lock Medical Pads, 4″ X 7″ Quantity 25 Pack about $5.00 This is the best & What Doctors use for open wounds. It allows air to get to the Tattoo & does not stick to it. Superior Tattoo Supply or Amazon or Drug Store. Quantity 10, 3″ X 4″ about $4.00 Also Non Stick Gauze. Not Necessary but nice, You can also get some Diapers Cheap Wal-Mart. & Wrap over Bandaged area for more Cushion. A&D Ointment. a small tube about $1.00 or Vaseline, I like A&D Ointment. After you have been tattooing a while you can get it in larger quantities. Anti-Bacterial Ointment. $1.00, Dollar Store, Wal-Mart, drug Store etc. Disposable Razors, 1 Use Only ! $1.00 for a pack of 5 to 10. Sharps Medical Waste Container for Dirty Needles. About $5.00. Check with your state health Dept. some allow Used Coffee Containers, & they Are Free. Just Print up a Paper Label on your Computer That Says Medical Waste Sharpz Container. Dispose of as required by your State. Check your State Health Dept. Also superior tattoo supply has a section on that on their site. Medical Gloves Latex & or Nitrite Gloves. I Have both. reason some people have latex allergies. a box of 100 is about $10.00. Also has a medical glove size chart. Amazon also carries these, Wal-Mart etc. Individually Wrapped Wooden Tongue Depressors, Only Buy them Individually Wrapped. Sterile. 500 for about $10.00 Sundry Jars, $5.00 to $35.00 each, Amazon, Wal-Mart,Drug Store, Craft store, superior tattoo supply. For Storing Tongue Depressors, Ink Caps, etc… small med lg & ex lag ink caps so 4 jars for them & 1 for the tongue depressors. Use the tongue depressors to put lotion ointment etc. on client. 1 time use throw away.

    10.) Nalgene Wash Bottles – Spray Bottles : about $5.00 each if you get these spend the difference & pay about $10.00 each & get the anti-siphon, ones. Much Better. Personally I like Spray Bottles. They are faster neater cleaner & Cheaper. About $3.00 each. It’s a personal choice some use one or the other. Some Artist use a combination of both. You put your anti-bacterial soap, Sterile Water or Distilled Water, Alcohol, Witch-Hazel, in these.

    11.) Stencil Transfer Agent : Stencil Magic, Stencil Stuff, or Make it your self, It Can Be Made Far Better & Cheaper Than Store Bought. Any Deodorant Stick, Most use Speed Stick. Melt in Micro-Wave about 20 seconds. Add Aloe Vera gel,The with ladocaine is best. Witch-Hazel, either 70% rubbing alcohol or Anti Bacteria Hand Cleaner gel, a little Bactine. Bactine that you use for cuts sun burns etc. Stir When it comes out of Micro-Wave. Do I Need to say remove the speed stick from the container? Add other ingredients stir. This Works Better, Last Longer, I have tested all products side by side scrub test this wins no contest. & if the Deodorant is scented it smells good as well. Videos on How to Make: on You-Tube – Sin City Tattooz & Under Ground Demo Graphix. Both Great For Education on Tattooing. These 2 Channels are by far the Best.

    12.) After Care. Some Use A&D as after care as well as to Tattoo with some use a Tripple Anti-Bacteria Ointment. Some use Noxema, Some Coconut Oil, Others a Cream or Aloe Vera. Bag Balm, Others a specific product for Tattoo After Care. Some States Require a Antibiotic Ointment Be applied. I Typically use the Antibiotic Ointment on Client when they leave. & A&D To Tattoo with. & Recommend That They Use Pure Coconut Oil The Kink that is in a paste in the Health Food Store. You Eat it Cook with it. Use for skin. It has natural Healing & Antibiotic Qualities to it. Look This up on Line. NEXT VERY IMPORTANT.. FOLLOW WHAT YOUR STATE SAYS THE PROPER PROCEDURE IS… Next If you are in a Shop FOLLOW WHAT YOUR MENTOR TELLS You To Do.. It is not business if you tattoo in a shop or at home. That is a choice that you must make. IMOP A Shop Will Be a Better Environment.

    13.) Cleaning Supplies: Paper Towels, Clorox Bleach Wipes, 70% Alcohol, Dollar Store Wal-Mart. Ultra Sonic Cleanser Solution, Meda Cide or Cavi Cide, about $25.00 a gallon. Superior Tattoo Supplies,, That will last a while. Clear Plastic Wrap, Aluminum Foil, Plastic Bags, Dollar Store, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, or you can buy barrier bags etc Much Cheaper my way & works fine. You Bag your Tattoo Machine Sandwich Bag, Foot switch same. Bag Your Bottles same or a larger size bag. Plastic Wrap, Wrap Your Chair, The Tattoo Table, The Chair the client sits in, your clip cord the foot switch cord, bag the front part of power supply. Dental shield for you disposable, Breathing Mask Medical. For you Do not breath or spit on the clients tattoo area this must be a sterile field. Paper Towels on Clients Chair taped down . medical tape for bandages & or Scotch Tape, for bandages, the clients chair,taping bags shut on bottom of machine on bottles etc. Leave back of machine bag open for air. Dental Bibs for station. Aluminum Foil Line Tray That goes on Station first with plastic wrap, then foil. Makes Clean up easier. Lysol Spray Disinfectant spray or Wal-Mart Brand Dollar store Brand. Spray Area after Cleaning & before tattooing to air borne germs.

    14.) Ink Caps. Small, Medium, Large. about $5.00 for 500 ink cups., superior tattoo supply Superior Tattoo Supply, Monster Steel. I prefer the clear ones. monstersteel & Amazon the cheapest followed by superior. Also for Larger Needle Groupings you can use fast food condiment cups. Price FREE. Make sure They are Clean. Before using with gloves on wipe all caps out with an anti bacterial wipe or rubbing alcohol.

    15.) Tattoo Ink, also called pigment. BUY THE BEST. BUY QUALITY FOR TATTOOING PEOPLE. Now if you have a kit use that cheap shit on practice skins & fruit. The Ink You use will show up in the tattoo. By this I mean Cheap ink does not hold up. Quality Ink does. Eternal ink,Quality a great company good to deal with. I love their colors, great reds, white goes in nice. Eye Popping Bright Colors. Star-Brite, Nice Colors. Nice Greens & Yellows & Pinks Quality, a good company good to deal with. Mom’s Inks, Quality a good company to deal with I love their black pearl for out-lining & Making grey-washes. mom’s has a lot of pigment in their colors so stays put. Nice Whites goes in nice, Nice yellows & reds. Nice colors. Alla-Prima inks & Arcane Inks, & Powder Pigment to make your own ink.

    16.) Practice Skins, Amazon or a tattoo supply house. amazon should be cheaper & you Can use the back side when done. $1.00 each. To clean Ink off, as you tattoo you get ink splatters. Awesome Cleaner The Dollar store. $1.00 Most people complain about the skins staining. Not with this cleaner. Next coat with a light coat of A&D or Vaseline. a Dab will do you. You can go to Wal-Mart, Kids Craft section, They have Foam Craft Sheets in a variety of colors. about $0.06 each ! That is cheap. Orange Yellow IMO work the best. Six Cents a piece. Also fruit. Grape fruit, Oranges, Tangerines, Bananas, Honey-Dew Mellons. & Pumpkins in Season a great way to decorate for Halloween.

    17.) Books, C.R. Jordan’s Tattooing Basics, Huck Spaulding’s Tattooing From A-Z. READ THEM BOTH. Both also have Videos Both a must watch for beginners. C.R. Jordan’s Web Site, &

    18.) Tools for working on machines Power Supplies etc: Volt-Meter, { Armature Bar Alignment Tool,Armature Bar Spring Jig. Spring Tension Gauge, Tattoo Specific. Amazon, DHGate, Alie Express. E-Bay}Needle Nose Pliers, Pliers, Channel Locks, Allen Wrenches, Cresent Wrench, A plastic Stick Sell it as a tattoo tool but cheaper as an electricians tool to separate wires. Flat Head Screw Drivers, Philip Screw Drivers, Tape Measure, ( a Dial Caliber-not necessary but nice for measuring for coils. Machinist use this.) A few flat files,a few round files, a few jewelers files,a nail file, emery cloth, These are used to file burs off machines where metal meets metal. & the Contact screw & front spring. A solider gun. Tape Measure. Wire Cutters, wire strippers, Sheet Metal Shears for making your own springs. If you want. a small socket set. A Vise. The Rest> Harbor Freight Tools, Sears, Wal-Mart.

    19.) You-Tube Channels : For You to Learn From : The Best: Undergrounddemographix – Good Videos For Tattooing Complete Learning Channel . Frame Geometry For Beginners, Chinese machines to avoid. How To Mark Your Clip Cord Volt Meter. Making Stencil Shit. Set up & Break Down Station, Ultra sonic Cleaner Auto clave. Tons of educational Videos. Next: SinCityTattooz – Good Videos For Tattooing. Complete Learning Channel. Must see Videos. Disc 1. How to Tune Your Chinese or other Tattoo Machines. Disc 2. How to rebuild your Tattoo Machines, with a lot on Chinese Machines. Making Stencil Solution. How to tattoo. Tattoo Lann. I think its 2 N’s.. Good Videos on How to make Needles, Clip Cord, Power Supply, Also building a machine this one is not meant for beginners but is good. Johnny Gault, Setting Up & Breaking Down Station, Safe Procedures. How to tattoo. Reviews of Chinese Knock Off Machines. OG POPPY LOMAX Tips for Beginners & Dot Matrix Printers. Tattoo Superior tattoo Supply’s web site & Superior1 on You-Tube Free Videos on Tattooing, one on making your own springs tuning your machine etc.. also pages of info to read as well. They Are ALL FREE EACH Of These…

    20.) Accessories, #12 Rubber Bands, For around machine to add tension for needle & act like a shock absorber. Rubber Grommets- Donuts & or Nipples for armature bar. Brushes for cleaning, small set. This can be bought separate or together. Amazon about $3.00 to $5.00 on a larger brush like a tooth brush about $1.00 at the dollar store. or can be purchased at superior tattoo supply or Surgical Instrument Cleaner, Medical Supply House. or Superior Tattoo Supply, or similar supply house. Note I’am only posting places that sell to people both in & out of a shop. Some Supply Houses only sell to Tattoo Shops. So I’am avoiding them since you are just starting out. Additionally I think these others are better for your wallet. Cavi-Side Wipes. Or pour some in your clorox wipes container. ONLY USE WITH GLOVES. Pipe Cleaners, Pipe Cleaners are a one time use not like your small brushes. ….Like your small round brush set is used for cleaning your tubes & tube tips etc about $1.00 for 50 of them in a pack. Tobaco Store Drug Store Wal-Mart Craft Store. Q-Tips Same Cleanning in tight places about $2.00 a pack.

    21.) Tattoo Flash. FREE on The Intern Net. Just Type in FREE Tattoo Flash, in Google Yahoo, MSN, AOL, etc.. Save to Computer. Next You can design Original Tattoo Flash Art. Your Self, Ideas you get from other flash combining several pieces together to make one. Books, Movies, Especially Horror. T-Shirts, Wallpaper, Art, Books. etc… Tracing Paper, Plain White Copy Paper. Pen, Mechanical, Pencil #2 Pencil Eraser.

    22.) Nice But Not Necessary, a Dot Matrix Printer: This will print Flash From Your Computer to a Stencil.. Saves Drawing Time. C.R.Jordan’s Book has info on this. You-tube channel OGPoppy Lomax. Works by pressure, simulates the hand drawing & thus activates the Hecto-graph Ink. A Light Box for tracing Flash to stencils. Can buy it at a Tattoo Supply House Like Monster Steel, Superior, a Art Store, Wal-Mart Amazon, or Make one it is Cheap Plexi-Glass or Frosted Tempered Glass. a Florescent Lighting Fixture, some ply wood.Screws & 1X2’s, Paint Look on You-Tube a few Free Videos on this. a Thermal Fax or Thermal Image Printer, These work for copying flash instead of tracing it. The heat transfers the Hecto-Graph Ink. Aceate Stencil making material, Tattoo Supply stores Amazon. a stencil cuter. an electric engraver about $10 to $25 Harbor Freight Tools. Stencil Powder or Copier Powder. There are Videos on You-Tube on this. Not Necessary. Good For Smaller cover Up tattoos can see exactly where it is going to be placed. Sharpies For Drawing Stencils on & Marking Center Points or edges where you are Placing paper Stencils. Dollar store Wal-Mart, amazon

    23.) Art Supplies, Graphite drawing Pencils. & Color Drawing Pencils, $5.00 at 5 below each a set. Pastel Chalks, Charcoal, Water Colors, Oils, Acrylics, Now Michales Arts & Crafts a Chain store has an Artist Kit includes all of this for about $20.00. CHEAP! Water Color Paper, Drawing Pads. For Charcoal Pastels & Pencils. Keep them Separate. art Supply Store, Wal-Mart, Amazon. Copic or Prism Markers. Coloring in Flash, Drawing, Art Supply Store, Amazon, DH Gate, Alie Express, Canvas to Paint on & Artist Easel.

    24.) Art Books, DVD’s on Art, Intermediate & Advanced Books on Tattooing. Amazon, You-Tube, Photo Shop $700.00 Or The FREE VERSION Called : GIMP, Down Load on Line Google Search, FREE Education on Line You-Tube Channels on these. You can really Cut Drawing Time Down. & Do Cool Special Effects For Stencils & Flash. Great for Photo-Realism Tattoos. You can even Check your Tattoos. Just Desaturate Them in GIMP or Photo Shop. Then see if the edges hold up. I have seen Some Well Known Artist Charge a couple hundred bucks on line to do this for you. They Call it Checking your work. They try & act as if only they can tell you the secret to improving your work. They WILL NOT Tell you Their Secret. ” I just did… & in Gimp it is FREE. a Great tool. A Camera, This can be on your Lap top, Tablet, Phone or Separate. ” People This where an Art Back Ground Comes in. “

    25.) Sterilization Equipment: For Home & or Shop, a must. A Sonic Cleanser. I have 2 for Cleaning in the back room & a small one on my station, for the rinse cup to sit in a Plastic Drinking cup disposable cheap. Small one about $25.00 Not Necessary but Nice. You need at least one for cleaning instruments. about $50.00 to $200.00 depending on size. The Cheaper ones work fine. For rinsing tube between colors. also a can of compressed air. Like for cleaning your computer key board.$2.00 a can.Blow out the tube or if a piece of paper towel gets caught in needles after using razor blade check needles with the eye loop. & Blow out tube from top to bottom over a trash can. A couple of plastic containers with lids to transport used equipment to be sterilized from the hot area to the warm area. Another one with a lid for soaking. & an Autoclave. You can buy a stove top one they work fine. $250.00 to $7,500 for larger ones. The Cheaper one is all you need. Autoclave Bags. Distilled Water. Run with distilled water only. Or you will have rust etc. The deposits from minerals. Videos on-line You-Tube. Just Type in Autoclave, & Sonic Cleaners. Also a good one on Undergrounddemographix you-tube channel. READ. C.R. Jordan’s Book, Section Sterilization. Also get information from your Local State Health Dept on Procedures. ” It is none of my business where you tattoo. ” If you tattoo in a shop that they will have this equipment. If Not ” DO NOT TATTOO ANY-ONE, WITH-OUT IT ! “

    26.) Certifications, Blood-Borne Pathogens, CPR, FIRST AID & AED Also watch the video on you-tube on Handling Dangerous Chemicals & Materials. Just Type it in. Also Some States require an apprenticeship.Some Do Not… Some Require you to go to a Tattoo School. Find out from your local State Dept. of Health. Through your local red cross. $25.00 & CPR, First Aid & AED is either free or about $50.00 Local Fire Dept.

    27.) Extras, Smelling Salts, Ammonia Inhalant, Superior Tattoo Supply, Medical Supply. Hard Sugar Candy, Bottled Water, Bottled Gator-Aid, If Your Client Becomes Light Headed & or Faints. STOP TATTOOING. Use The Smelling Salts or Ammonia Inhalant, It happens. Get them to Fresh air. Let Them have a Cold Drink Water Gator-Aid, a piece of Candy. Make Sure They are ok.. it could be something more serious. Call 911 if necessary. A Fan in your studio helps. It circulates air, we have Ionic Air Purifiers in each room that have UV Lights. Not Needed but nice. Also a heavy filter media in your HVAC System & UV Lights. Not Needed but nice. A First Aid Kit, & an AED Kit. Whole Sale Clubs, BJ’s, Sams Club, Costco, Medical Supply House. This way your clients see how professional you are. & How Much You Care.. A Hand Mirror & a Large wall Mirror. So Client Can See the Stencil Placement. & The Finished Tattoo.

    28.) LEGAL RELEASE FORMS. AFTER CARE FORM, WHAT TO EXPECT FROM A TATTOO FORM, This First sets you apart as a professional & second protects you your family & your business. Always have a client sign a release form of damages. If they trip & fall, you could get sued. Just Prudent business practice. Have a form that states the client has seen the design & likes the placement. “BEFORE TATTOOING” Leave this up to them. Transfer The burden to them. You can advise them of what looks good & where. But you are putting a tattoo on them. Look up Contracts on Google. Some Sites Have ones for Tattooing. Also Some Studios Web Sites Have Them. Books in the Library . A Lawyer To review them.

    29.) The Willingness To Learn.. Very Important Quality to Have.

    30.) Do not Get Ripped Off by the Tattoo Industry ! Over Paying For Supplies. That Can be Purchased at the Dollar store, Wal-Mart, Amazon, DH Gate, Alie Express, T-Mart, K-Mart, Harbor Freight Tools.

    :arrow: This is more than what is in a kit & will get you off to a great start.

    :mrgreen: Take Care, I Hope This Helps ! ** Bill ** :mrgreen:

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    That’s allot of writing!! But very good!! See you can be a productive member of this forum!!!

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     trie campbell 

    I have 0 tattoo giving experience, but I was an army medic for 10 yrs and working on my civilian paramedic now. I have over a dozen tats myself. Nitrile gloves are awesome, I love them, and they come in just about any color. They cut out the guesswork of who has a latex allergy since some people have it severely. Telfa pads are great. They’re non stick gauze. They come individually wrapped to help ensure sterility. I started making my own tat lotion, if anyone is interested you can make your own, it’s coconut oil, bee wax, olive and grapeseed oils, with lavender and rosemary oils. The lavender, rosemary, and bee wax all have antimicrobial properties, so they help with keeping out infection while keeping the tat from drying. If the scab cracks, not only does it leak tissue fluid and make a nastier looking scab (imo) it also opens up that spot to secondary infection. A&d is good as a skin protectant, but I definitely would not use neosporin as it can suck out the ink while it’s healing. Chux pads, we use all the time as medics to set up our sterile fields for procedures, they look like puppy pee pads, but they are awesome on clean up since you just wad them up and toss. Alcohol prep pads can be useful, but we used those for iv’s and shots, not really the same thing, and you’ll likely be using a solution before, during and after to clean the site anyway. Not really anything new to add to the above, but more a corroboration from a healthcare perspective.

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     trie campbell 

    Question, Do you need tubes, tips and grips? Or is there some combo? I have tips and grips, but eveyr time I look on Amazon gor just tubes, I either get grips, or tubes w tips already on them, and quite frankly it’s a bit annoying.

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     YUER TM 

    here is an online shop as reference for quality Chinese Machines & Power Supplies. Tmart,Supplies for much products which not only include tattoo machines also others tattoo supplies with high quality and lower price

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     Niel Jordan 

    Nowadays tattoo machine cartridge needles are quickly becoming the most high demanded and popular tool in the tattoo industry. Ashta London’s supply cartridge needles at affordable prices. Read more here :

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