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    Hi guys I am just after doing a bit of research into thin brightest inks and also thoughts on Eternal vs Fusion Ink

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    Starbrite and Intenze!!

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    I havent used Fusion yet, but I am really enjoying my Eternal set I purchased not long ago :)
    the colours go in nice and solid!

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    Intenze ink is great, I always get compliments on the colors I use. Find a master tattoo artist and find out what they use. Mario barth is pretty amazing and he uses intenze. Also, there is not a lot of regulations on what or how ink is made, so pick a reputable company. There have been people who have died due to bad ink, so take your ink seriously

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    my favorite so far is intenze, eternal and star brite some use alla but i dont know didnt used it yet …

    intenze as a super nice constancy love this ink im also using formula 51 and its quite good a bit thicker tho but colors are brith and really beautyfull….

    just my thought

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    ETERNAL, Mom’s, Alla-Prima, Intenze, Star-Brite, I will Never Use Fussion… I heard some good things about them. But When I called the Company they were not knowledgeable & down right rude ! Hey Fusion Ink U Lost a Customer for Life… :lol: ETERNAL You can deal with them directly great company knowledgeable staff, great product.. Same with Alla-Prima, Mom’s & Intenze. Fussion is just an Eternal want to be copy cat company. Their formula is like eternal, hell they even paid Eternals old Staff Artist Big Bucks to come on Board. They have put more money into Sponsored artist & Marketing than product. :mrgreen: Bill :geek:

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    Waverly Ink!! Awesome!! Bill Waverly called me personally about my package and also explained the transition from per-dispersed pigment to powder pigment. I have been using it about two months now and as far as i can tell it heals bright and vibrant. He also threw in a couple of 2oz bottles of his dark black ink for a free sample.. You do have to be a apprentice at a shop to order from his company i think..

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