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    okay so after surfing around, I thought I would share this with you folks….
    I have heard and seen different brands of grey wash premixed inks. Even had an artist working for me that purchased the stuff. However. Since I am one of those guys that firmly believes in a tattoo artist having the ability to make 99% of the things they have to use I have never purchased a set of grey wash form anywhere. Instead I have always made my own in a predetermined mixture as I use it.
    I only use 6 caps (16 or 18) and have never had an issue with not having the right shade or tint…ok so here is the formula for those that care……

    Things you’ll need:
    A good solid black
    Distilled water
    witch hazel (optional)
    childrens dropper thingy that comes with some childrens medication (don’t forget to sterilize it first!)

    The mix:
    First mix a small bowl or cup of distilled water and witch hazel. I usually use 1ml per 2 ounces of water mixture.
    then set out your 6 ink caps.

      ink cap one is solid black!
      ink cap two is 2 drops black
      ink cap three is 4 drops black
      ink cap four is 6 drops black
      ink cap five is 8 drops black
      ink cap six is 10 drops black

    then take the dropper and fill it with your water mix or water. If you have the correct dropper you should be able to then fill each cap the rest of the way with water using one fill of the dropper.
    This variance in the shades gives me a wide range of shade that I like and use anytime I have any grey work or shading to use. From this point it is up to you as an artist to blend you shading and highlights the way you want it turn out.

    So if anyone uses this then hope it helps in making your grey wash mixes and is a little cost effective for you..Peace….
    The piece in this picture was done using this formula and adding white highlights.

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    Thanks for the info.

    Never thought of usen a “dropper” (I know what you mean) :D

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    yeah the dropper comes in very handy in my booth, for mixing I use a single 1rl, tear the needle off so i don’t poke myself, then use the loop to “spin” it in the ink cap to mix any new colors or my washes. Tried one of those auto mixers once….ONCE!!!!!!

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    Damn Spider you just gave out some serious info. Both shops I’ve worked at when I was apprenticing stressed laying out your blacks like that. Witch Hazel is the shit!!!!

    I hope people see this as this is a great way to work.

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    I use a sterile ink bottle for my witch hazel, and distilled water. However, I make my own greywashes now in bottles rather than caps.

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    You can use the same formula for bottles, just figure it out percentage wise instead

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    I have some Eternal Triple Black. Do you know if I can use this formula with this ink? Usually use Kuro Sumi.

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    @ratmonkey wrote:

    I have some Eternal Triple Black. Do you know if I can use this formula with this ink? Usually use Kuro Sumi.

    Eternal is awesome for grey wash just use spiders method and you will have a great grey wash!

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    so I was told to use witch hazel with my distilled water, what about using glycerin?

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    Glycerin will actually thicken it. Which is usually an undesirable quality in greywash. But spider, I gotta ask, why so many shades/values? Do you honestly see a noticeable difference in the skin? I’ve always wondered this. We premix two oz bottles of greywash at the shop I work at and we only do 3. 75/25 50/50 and 25/75. Ratios being ink to witch hazel/water. They work well but I’m wondering when you get right down to it does any more than that make a difference? Not trying to talk shit at all man I’m honestly curious. Your insight would be appreciated

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    I use 100% Black, 75% Black, 50% Black, 25% Black, 10% Black, and 5% black. The other values are nice for bigger pieces but regular pieces I most just used 100, 50, 25, 5, and use a cup of water to dip into to get other values.

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    Can we sticky this or something?

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    Only admin have the ability to sticky. It’s not hard to find so there’s really no point.

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