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    Hi, I’m a self learning aspiring tat artist and things have been going well. I recently hit a snag. I started out doing line work line work line work. Went through pack after pack of fake skin practice pads until my lines were super crisp and straight. So I started into shading. That was going well until I tried loading a stacked 15 magnum. I did my research and made sure I had the correct tubes, but am I supposed to cut passage through the tube because I can’t load it normally and I can’t fit the drive loop through the tube. I’m sure this is gonna seem a stupid question but how do you set these things up? I want to have all my fundimentals down before I even think about looking for an apprenticship. Please help. Call me what ever rookie names ya want just please help. Thank you

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    hi ventus,
    first those practice skins are worthless the do not react like skin. try using fruit like grapefruit and oranges or bananas they will help you see how deep your going… plastic doesn’t bleed.
    but to load a mag is simple. the only needles i use are 5rl 11rs 9mag and 15mag BTW. i load mine down my tubes needles first. some amazon crap and eBay crap will have random size differences cause they are not strict about quality. so this is what i will tell you to do… if you bought an amazon or eBay kit THROW IT AWAY!!! they are crap. the ink is even worse. you get what you pay for. do some shopping around for a real apprentice kit you’ll spend about $200 for a basic starter kit.
    Ive been tattooing for 8yrs and i apprenticed for 2yrs to learn my fundamentals so im not gonna disrespect you for wanting to learn our trade. but you need to make sure you know has much has possible before you start tattooing on people. if you have any more questions feel free to message me and ill try to help you.

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