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    I want to tattoo a ring in my finger, is anyone think it is beautiful?

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    i like those very much.
    Although its a bitch to tattoo them.
    You have to be really careful about the angle of your needle, so you dont leave a blur on your lines.

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     CR Jordan 

    Mustache on finger is hipster popular right now!

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     Dear Gemma 

    Beauty of any tattoo mostly depends on the artist. People usually choose names, or celtic knots, or strings.
    The very problem of tattooing a finger is proper caring as 80% of the overall tattoo quality highly depends on its healing. Until it’s healed you must avoid water, direct sun and chemicals.

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     John Inked 

    Well, tattoos on fingers are most sweet, sexy, and a fun but these are ideal location for a tattoo to get fade. Keep in mind and get inked!

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     Alex Smith 

    I find them beautiful! I’m all about finger tattoos and I even have my own sketch book for my drawings))
    Here I’ve found a lot of inspiration, have a look.

    60 Secret Finger Tattoos That Nobody Will Ever See

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