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    Just a hypothetical question… What do you do when you’ve been to every shop within a 30 mile radius of your house and they all tell you they arent even interested in taking an apprentice at all… or even having someone help around the shop for a few hours a week??

    Do you just keep bugging them every so often… if so how often and how would you approach this…

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    Keep plugging away. Keep updating your portfolio. Bug them every 2 weeks to a month. Get work done by them talk to them.

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    i meant along the lines that they wont even take a look at your work… they just straight up say No they dont take apprentices at ALL

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    well your options are move, or become what you want to become. at this point you probably have to ask yourself if this is what you really want and to what extent you are going to pursue it. i gave up on an apprenticeship long ago i got told wasn’t accepting any, and i was to old. got me really down for a long time. i decided i would just keep plugging away at it everyday. the one quote that always goes through my head when i get down about it all is. if you really want to be it then become it, and you will succeed.

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    Most of them are like that only they will be not at look after your hard work and will not even try to appreciate.

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    You’re doing it wrong. Don’t ever ‘cold call’ a studio looking for an apprenticeship. While you might be a badass artist and a snappy dresser there have been dozens of asshats there before you asking the same question.

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