It is important to remember that less wraps in a coil means less
resistance. Less resistance means that the voltage can in theory
get to the place it is going to, faster. The gauge of wire will also
affect this. The resistance is often countered with capacitors.
Taking that into consideration, you can see why a lot of people
would think that more wraps should mean a stronger magnet. I
believe that the opposite is really true as far as tattooing is concerned.
This is because the magnets are turning on and off so
quickly, in order to maintain a good solid magnet flow you want
to not only control the strength of the magnet while it is on, but
you want to ensure that is has no magnetism while it is off. It is
like everything else in tattooing, a balancing act. There is no real
best coil configuration
out there. It is all a matter
of how you like your
machine to run for the
style and speed you tattoo.
I think that the coils
are the most difficult
thing for a new tattoo
artist to grasp, and the
hardest thing to really


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