• So, I’m trying to get the most from my machines, the front spring has confused me and I feel like I’m chasing my tail. Ive been told that on a shader a long front spring is the norm , color packer too. But how long ? What I’ve got set up right now is 10 wrap coils,20 gage front and back with the end of the front spring (contact point) right above…[Read more]

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    Years ago I always used thin grips on my machines, but since I’ve started again I’ve found that the 1 inch seems to be the most comfortable…. and I’m looking for something even Larger. What kind of grip do you prefer? What is the logic behind your preference ? Any recommendations?

  • Well, I hadent even touched a machine for roughly 15 years… (long story short a badly broken hand will end your career) But I got the itch… never really lost it I guess. So after hours and hours on the internet (where EVERYTHING is true :-) ) And even more hours on the phone to various sales reps, “experts” and a couple of artists I still talk…[Read more]