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While you can’t really find a legit download of the amazing tattoo instructional book that shows you how to tune your tattoo machine, and tattoo yourself… you can get it for way cheaper than the list price on this website. Just check out – here is the most recent review for this tattoo education apprenticeship book:

5.0 out of 5 stars Great book!, October 31, 2013
This review is from: Basic Fundamentals Of Modern Tattoo (Paperback)

I got this book with a tattoo kit and I was pleasantly surprised. More often than not when you get a book thru a kit of whatever sort the book isn’t much. Maybe some very simple information. This book however was the opposite. Lots of information written in a good honest understandable way!!!! I recommend this book to anyone wanting tattoo information.

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Just wanted to remind everyone that there is a tattoo forum on here. You can ask questions about your tattoo machines and get critiqued on your drawings / tattoos. There is tons of information about how to become a tattoo artist and the legality or local laws in your area.


If you don’t get a reply on the tattoo forum then eMail me, and I will check it out. I try to check the posts once a week and hit all of the un-answered ones.

If you see spam on the forum just report it, or flag it – and it will get cleaned up.

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Basic Fundamentals of Modern Tattoo Reviews Basic Fundamentals of Modern Tattoo Reviews

Absolutely a great book.
It teaches you all the details and gives you plenty of tips.
It also teaches you the different parts of the machine and what each part does.
I definitely recommend this book!


-Jesse (28APR2013)


I’ve been a tattooing for a few years now and when I say a few years I mean a hella long time. I found this book very insightful on so many different aspects. I was surprised on how much it taught me. It was a very enjoyable read as well, some things did get monotonous but they where things that needed to pointed out, I thought. I thoroughly enjoyed it…Heck read the whole thing in two days. All good artists are always looking to learn and this book is a great way to learn more.


-Tommy (26APR2013)

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