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      Fell upon this site while looking for a good Tattoo Machine Tech book on Amazon within one of the reviews. I’m basically a newb Tattoo Artist who’s been figure drawing since 2007 and doing other thangs before that but with no real creative direction. I’ve done about 10 tattoo’s so far and have appt’s for this week coming. My intention is to learn more about the Technical aspect for the machine operations. Could someone make a recommendation on a good book?

      My introductory question is about [M2]Stacked Mags?… My boss man gave me a box of 7’s and said he did’nt like to use them?… I am somewhat intelligent and under stand that the needle grouping is really tight Vs the M1 mag. As for machines i’ve got a National Swing gate 10 wrap 1 1/4″ 5/16″ core /45uf/stiff spring and silver contact points i use for lining. Another 10wrap BullDog style frame with a bad capacitor, which i need to replace. And two tattoo starter kit machines that i use for shading.

      Im looking forward to the responses. Thx

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      Buy the book that goes with this site.
      It’s well worth it.

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      Very good read!

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      Bought and read the book. There’s alot of general info. I felt like the end of every paragraph was “you’ll have to figure out your own preference….” I was look for something more technical. Any suggestions appreciated.

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      Any other recommendation for tattooing forums?

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      I’ve checked out a lot of different forums.
      This one is the best by far!!!

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      Wellp, i’m still interested in everyone’s imput about stacked mags. I’ve got a box of 7’s. i’m guessing it’s like using a liner needle but a mag…. Can anyone provide incite on when they would choose to use it…

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