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      Hey folks

      I got a question.
      How do you apply a stencil on an entire back? Should I split the original drawing up in sections? Or should I draw it on, freehanded? Whats your experience of this kind of “stencils”

      Never did a huge backpiece before, thats why I’m asking. And no, can’t ask my mentor, she not teaching me anymore. (as if she did in the first place)

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      I say make some reference marks and cut it up.
      I haven’t done an entire back piece, but I did a
      large piece on a thigh, and it worked for me.
      It’s just kind of a pain to line it up just right.
      Good luck.

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      Most back pieces I have done I did the main design stenciled and made sure when I applied the stencil to the area it was drier than normal and very tacky. Lay it slowly if the person (or the piece) is in a curve of the spine or if they have very bony shoulder blades. Depending on the piece you may have the person bend over at the waist placing thier hands down to make the back stretch which can work with stencil application on some pieces. get used to more freehanding when doing pieces of this size as having the ability to freehand part, most, or all of your design and get it right is a huge plus for any piece.

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      Thanks for the reply.
      He just came around, and damn he is huge. He looked like he could eat me in one go. ;) Well, he showed me his design, and his idea further.
      A kneeling angle with wings, and below, a demon in fear. He showed me his back, and….. hmmmm….. I don’t think its going to be easy putting on a stencil. Man this guy is a muscle jock. All those curves. I think perhaps, that stencils on the places that are possible and detailed, then freehand the rest.

      This actually raises another question. Those huges pumper guys, are they more sensitive to the needle then normal people? :D

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      I don’t know if they’re more sensitive, but
      a lot of them have thin skin. They have
      like 2%-5% body fat and way too much
      tanning. Be careful.

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      He looks like someone keept blowing up a beachball until breaking point, then stopped. ;)

      But I will be carefull, always is. Even though he brag about how though tuff he was, and how he had a tatto made by a sewing needle and some ink… (Mind you, these two he had made this way, are crap, and small)

      So even if I am carefull, I bet I can make him flinch :lol: A little guy tormenting a huge terminator hahahah

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      Hold your stencil in place. Applying paint to a stencil is easy. Three method available that are spray, brush and roll. Spraying paint on a stencil can be very quick but you must use control.

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      :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: @garenlevon wrote:

      Hold your stencil in place. Applying paint to a stencil is easy. Three method available that are spray, brush and roll. Spraying paint on a stencil can be very quick but you must use control.

      :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :oops: :lol: :lol: :lol:
      Wrong kind of stencil me thinks!

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      Maybe a bit off topic perhaps ;)

      Although I have done alot of space spraypaint art using stencils like that ;)

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      i placed an entire stencil on the back of my 5 year old son :lol: a drawing of a jumping tiger, but not important here, anyways it was bigger than the usual stencils he wants :D

      the point is i made a stencil (yes the entire thing) on a larger sheet of paper that custom tailors use to design clothing.
      you can buy this in sewing shops ext, i don’t know the right name in english, i think it’s pattern or template paper…

      anyways it comes in vééééry long sheets and you can pretty much use it as you would to make regular stencil.

      it worked for me, but a back on a grown man/woman will take some technique to put the stencil on i think, i don’t know because i haven’t done it yet.

      but i think this is a good way to aply the stencil imo. ;)

      hope this helps

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