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      I’m having a lot of bad luck with my camera lately. I didn’t really check them out until the client had left. So I’m left with some bad pics. I guess the middle one is probably best. Anyway, I don’t get to do much black and grey lately so I was pretty pumped about this. It probably could have benefited from some white but the customer wasn’t interested. Check it out:

      B&g rose:

      Btw this was done using only kuro sumi black. No grey washes.

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      Well i think you did a very good job.

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      I love black and grey! It is definitely my favorite style.

      And this rose (from what I can tell) looks exactly like its supposed to haha, so good work

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      Nice thanks guys! Yeah besides the white it came out pretty much how I hoped it would. I was happy with it. Just not so happy with the way the pictures came out.

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      Looks great. Like the bold edge lines :D

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      Thanks Len. Yeah initially I was thinking of using a 5 for the outline to give it a more delicate look. But my mentor talked me into a 7. I’m glad he did, I think the design lends itself well to the bold look. Thanks for the feed back peoples.

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