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      Going nuts here.

      Have to combine a biomechanical heart and some old school roses and skulls.. terrible idea… i cant pull it off.
      Quoting robroy289 signature “A good artist knows when to say no to a tattoo. A bad artist will do any tattoo!!”

      Maybe i should say no to this one…

      Any opinions?

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      Well lets see what you’ve com up with so far :D

      There are ideas everywhere. And like my granddad said; Insperation comes when you least expect it ;)

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      Defiantly try though first!! It is easy to second guess yourself and know your limits but you also have to test yourself and make mistakes to grow! Drawl something up and let us help ya!
      I am happy someone feels the same..

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      That’s a great piece of advice from rob, but I agree that you should take a stab at it (no pun intended ;) ). Push yourself, take a break, come back to it later. You’ll almost always look at everything you’ve done and say “It needs this” or “I should’ve done that”. Maybe try something that gradually transitions from mechanical to organic.

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