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      Does any one use hectograph pencils instead of or along with normal stencils….just curious

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      Never tried them i just use a sharpy!!

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      as with Rob I purchased many different sharpies and use them. i get each colour with the think and fine markers to get the nice line weight :)

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      awesome.. this maybe the only thing i feel im actually qualified to comment on lol. I started out with the pencils….. they suck… period. they don’t last as long as spirit paper and they dont transfer properly. I purchased mine from . I used everything i could think of trying to find the magic solution to make it transfer but never could make it work. Get the paper and save your money .

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      I bought a hectograph pencil from superiortattoo.
      I agree with brokenpipe, they totally suck. On the
      bright side, my kids love it.

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      i use spirit paper and stencil stuff. not problems at all

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