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      There is a lot of different stories to be told, on how every one found the world of tattoo. So why not share the story?
      By most I have met, they came in contact with this world by sheer coincidence. Also I have read somewhere that there are some “stereotype” reasons why people turn tattoo artists. And could be interesting to see if that’s the case.

      For me, no different, it was sheer coincident. Although I was a struggling artist, trying to make it in the art world. But ran head against the wall, as most galleries, had some criteria for what they wanted to show. And by upholding those standards, it became what the criteria wanted me to make, not what I wanted to make. Then I just turned to my portrait drawings, on commission, and cant make a living on it, as the demands aren’t that high. My art, I just do for myself now.
      Coincident was, when I got headhuntet by a tattoo artist. And fell in love with this world. I could make a living, doing art, that I loved, on the skin of costumers. And a dream came true. Make a living, doing what I love doing. :D

      So, why and how did you find this world?

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      I’ve been very artistic my whole life.
      Not so much with painting, mostly with drawing and hands on stuff.
      I never thought of actually doing tattoos. One day I was online
      looking for some cool earrings, and found a site that sold piercing
      tattoo supplies. So I bought a cheap kit just to check it out. Now
      I’m addicted.

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      It started for me i would say when i was 13 years old in middle school drawling Metallica, ozzy, and iron maiden album covers on my note books! It was my only escape! It seemed like it was the only thing i was good at. I lived in a small country (hick) town where tattoos where only on jail inmates and bikers, it seemed. I am 34 now and i have spent years working 10 hour shifts,9-5 and getting inked. I never thought about doing tattoos tho. Until a couple people seen my drawings and was wanting to get them tattooed on them. But i knew i wasn’t good enough to do them without being taught. I went to every shop i could to get an apprenticeship and learn the right way, with endless hours of drawling like we all do with no luck! Until finally i got my break at a local tattoo shop after they had lost a long time artist he agreed to teach me. This dude was hard core! And by saying hard core i mean with the apprenticeship and life! He was a biker and a Ex gang general out of California! So, you either made the cut or you are out and he wasn’t gonna listen to no wineing. But he was a great mentor and a good friend despite his past and affiliations. So, i finished my apprenticeship and started working in the shop and all was going well until i guess my bosses past caught up with him!! The FBI and TASK FORCE came to the shop,arrested him and his associates after a two year investigation. So needless to say i had no where to do what i loved. So, i talked to the land lord of the building where the old shop was, got a lease, and here i am now 3 months latter with my own shop!!! We are doing well and thriving! Anyone can do it!!There is alot more to the story but i don’t wanna be posting all night!!!

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      Interesting story RobRoy. Were you there when they came for him? I would have shit myself :D

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      I was right there doing a tattoo!!! They came in dressed in black swat guns out and when they came to my booth they just said” keep doing what you are doing we aren’t here for you”!! Yes, i about shit on myself!!!! Me and the client went outside to smoke while all this went down. Then we went in, finished the tattoo, and gave the guy my personal contact information. He has been one of my best clients in my new shop! But yes it FREAKED me out!!! It was on 27 news first in Mt.sterling Ky if you wanna look it up, I don’t know if they have any video footage or not. You might be able to google it.

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