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       Renee Prisble

      I’m looking for my first machine. I met with my mentor and I’ve been reading the book and both the book and my meeting covered coil machines….

      So when I started googling for reviews of light machines I cam across this rotary machine. Its brand new and so I couldn’t find any independent reviews. Their website is slick and they answer questions quickly via Facebook.

      So, have you tried this machine?
      Could someone with experience check it out and let me know what I’m missing. It sounds like a really great little start up kit, to my completely inexperienced mind.

      Thank you so much for your help!

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      No answers for all these years? that is really sad. I have the machine but I guess by now you have moved on?

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      Half the stuff you get in kits is crap if you have everything you need to tattoo they are cheap enough by one and practice with it they require very little setup, if they don’t have adjustable cam wheel or bearings you will need one for shading and one for lining, They do heat up more than coil machines. if your gonna go that way look into cartridge needles with membrane also. don’t give up some people just can’t help talking shit.

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