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       chris nett

      so i took the plunge and decided i wanted more tattoos got a junk kit chewed up my leg lol bought a couple hildbrant rotories worked ok finished first tattoo had custom shader built NICE worked so much better had custom liner made OHH YES!!! not the best work but i like it and am still learning day to day it really isnt easy tattoing you self upside down twisted like a yoga instructor lol soo have at it give me your input tips like it hate it https://www.instagram.com/simplyink2u/

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       tom garlick

      Have you completed any tattoos using practice skins? Fruit is also a good source for practice especially bananas. When you say junk kit, what do you mean? And where did you get the new machines built? Tattooing yourself can be really hard.I find its better to find people who are craving lots of ink and don’t care who does it. Stay with black and gray and just do some basic stuff on test subjects. I had three girls tell me I could tattoo them despite me saying I have virtually no experience. I have only tattooed my legs and feet for real but I have done tons of cool work on prac skins. I am thinking about asking one of my many fiends with shops if I could apprentice.

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       chris nett

      it was a $40 amazon kit the power supply was real skippy the coils on the machines where wrapped so bad u could see the gaps thru the cover wrap lol the ink was expired so i kept it for practice ink the foot pedal broke 3 minutes into the tattoo but i had done alot of online review research so i had ordered moms ink 2 extra clip cords and a foot pedal i acually use foam pads to practice on i tried fake skin and it just was horrible my wife and my daughter are always having me do tattoos on them id like to see some of ur work my tattoo guy is out of texas can i send u a friend request or swap #s so can text

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       gone fishing

      I bought a cheapo kit to start with too, but swapped the caps, a little filing and spring bending, retuned, and they are fine now, a good liner and shader for under $50 (£37), like you, i tattooed myself first after a little practice on skins. Never give up, the best way to learn anything is by mistakes and repairing them. the only struggle i had was a tribal on my leg, hard to work in a mirror, ouch.
      As Tom said above, grab some oranges, or some pig skin from a local butcher or abatoir, more practice should reult in more confidence and skill. keep at it. Good luck.

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       chris nett

      lol yeah i never gave a mirror a thought i just kept folding mysself up like a yoga instructor seeing the world upside down with all the blood rushed to my head having to take breaks every 10 minutes to wipe off my sweat and free up my cramps lol ugh wtf was i thinking??? lol

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       CR Jordan

      Unable to see the picture, says ACT is private.

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         chris nett

        sorry cr had someone giving me issues about my tattoos so set to private i swapped it to public so you can view them im anxiouslly awaiting your constructive critisism/or bashing lol how ever it unveils thanks chris

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