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      I should probably know this by now, but I never use mags like ever.

      Can anyone tell me the difference between an M1 and an M2

      Ran across this thread… read every bit of it and it definitely made things worse.

      M1 is Weaved and M2 is is Stacked right? and MC is obviously curved..

      Which tips do you use for your mags, while were at it?

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      Mags use FT or Flat Tips

      M1 is weaved mag. the needles are put on top of each other, and weave: .-.-.
      M2 is stacked mag. the same idea, but tighter. .:::.
      RM is round mag, or curved mag. It’s the same as M1, but the end is curved. ) instead of |
      F is flat. One line. 7F is one line of 7 needles. personally I don’t use them. A 5 M1 is one row of 3 one row of 2 weaved together.

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      You should really try to you at least a 7mag M1 or 9mag M1 in your work. Round shadders tear the skin very easy and are very hard to get a solid fill and also are hard to fade colors

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      The reason I ask was because I have a bunch of these mags and I’ve never bothered to use them in anything. The closest I came was using a 5 Flat and I didn’t really care for it.

      I need to get some practice skins and go nuts with the mags though just to see what happens. I definitely don’t feel comfortable enough with them to use them on a client.

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      If you’re going to get M1–weaved mag–I recommend using RM–Round, or Curved Mag–as they are the same needle except the ends are in a round or curved configuration. Some say with the round ends it fits into the indent created by the pressure of the needles better, and causes less trauma. I’m not 100% sure on this as I just recently started using RM myself, and haven’t noticed much of a difference in heal times. However, they are much easier, and nicer to use when using one of the edges. The curved side makes more of your needles hit when using the edges, and gives you a nicer shade/fit when colouring. I am almost positive it will make a difference–trauma wise–with the RM using this technique.

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      I’m pretty sure all I have are M1s but I’ll look through them and see if I have any MC or RMs and see what they’re capable of

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