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      Just wanted to hear your thoughts on this machine I plan on getting.

      Now the machine builder is no one worth mentioning. I plan on getting the shader first, then next month, the liner. But the specs are these:

      Made from a block of pure copper by CNC machines, to make sure precise sizes
      No welding, No casting !
      Coil wire is pure copper.

      10 Wraps Coil, 22uf Capacitor , 28mm Height — Used on Liner machine
      12 Wraps Coil, 47uf Capacitor, 28mm Height — Used on Shader machine
      Coil Core, Armature Bar, Yoke are made from pure iron.
      Copper front and rear binding post.
      Machine starts at 2.5V , and working under 5.5-6.5V

      Price; Roughly around 190$

      What are your thoughts on a machine like this?

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      It definitely sounds like a decent machine and built right. But I really don’t know.

      The frame being copper is kind of pointless, and it will eventually turn green. Although I suppose with regular cleaning it should stay pretty shiny… It’s good that it is made out of a non-ferrous metal but copper isn’t really the best choice. I would prefer brass if your going to go for the high-dollar metals anyway. But the fact that it is CNC machined probably means it will be made right and have good geometry. Everything else sounds like a good deal.

      Iron has the best magnetic properties so that is a good deal to have in the coil cores and armature bar, and a must for the yoke since copper is non-ferrous.

      Do you know how thick the yoke itself is?

      Also, where are these machines coming from? Is it someone you can trust, like an actual dealer? Or is it coming from any regular ebay seller, not that ebay is bad just that its easy to get burned there…

      What else can you tell me about the machines? Do you have pics?

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      The binding posts are made out of copper. A lot of chinese machines do that I’m pretty sure. Easily changed.

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