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      New to the site, and teaching myself to tattoo. Gonna try and link to photos of my first tatto I completed on myself, as well as some of my artwork…..… If anyone bothers to check em out let me know what ya think

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      Hey Jake… nice art. Welcome to the forum. Did you do the swallow and candy skull on your forearm?

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      welcome to the forum
      hope to see you nice and active, and post direct links to some of your art :)

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      I touched up the swallow, (not my work) and yeah the sugar skull was the first tattoo i completed on myself… I just started about a month ago… and in addition to working on some technique on practice skins, I draw up my own designs and ink myself. I want work out any and all mistakes, before “practicing” on any willing family and friends. I plan on apprenticing, but I want to teach myself as much as I can. Thanks for the feedback and I’ll post more photos soon

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