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      Hello – I am new to this site but not to tattooing. I have been tattooing for a few years now on/off and am getting better every day. I live in Saint Louis, MO and was born/raised here. In my free time (which is not much) I like to draw, build tattoo machines (not dress up, but actual design/fab/build) from the ground up. I aim to further my artistic talent and tattooing ability by research/studying, and practice. If there is something to learn I seek to learn it so I am constantly seeking to better myself. Most importantly though, I tattoo in a clean/sterile environment, have my BBP certificate, and practice safe tattooing practices, using only disposables, and high quaility pigments from Fusion/Waverly/Starbrite/Talens. I am also open and encourage critique of my work so I can get better! Hope to get to know you all, learn whatever there is to learn, and share what information I already know from experience.

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      Welcome! You’ll like it here.
      Bunch of really great people.

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      Welcome, brother. Cant wait to see you progress thru this site. There is a ton of info on here, just ask. TRUST ME. you get an answer one way or the other. Good to hear you already use disposable, and it sounds like you have a good soundness to the art of tattooing. Post some work, man!

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      Hello friends and welcome here .me also came back here after a long time there for decided to post introduction section first.It’s a perfect place to learn about tattoo art.

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      Welcome :D

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