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      Well, I figure I have been lurking enough. I actually had an apprenticeship back in the late 80s, early 90s but life got in the way and i had to drop out of it. I stayed in just be getting tattooed whenever I could and keeping up with new trends and changes and drawing pieces for people. My teacher was actually trained as a medic and spent the mid 90s being invited to seminars all over NA and Europe to give lectures on hygene and sanitation, so even though I wasnt still working there, I did learn a lot during that time as well. I have recently gotten back into it and bought a kit while I was in Fla and then online from Hildebrandt and started some work. Obviously I didn’t just jump right back into it, I worked on fruit and leather for a bit, while checking the changes in sanitation. I am currently in the military so I get free courses in First aid and WHMIS and recently did an online course in BBP, Im not going to mess up my friends just because I want to tattoo. I redid a piece on my leg and although a couple of the lines arent great, I am resonably happy with it. Then my friends started lining up. I’ve done a number of pices now, both simple and complex and I can say that I am happy with some, not so much with others hehe.

      I am always willing to learn and as soon as I have the balls I will post up some pics of my work for the inevitable critique. Trust me I can take it, I also make knives and get critiqued on that all the time.

      Thats my piece, thanks for having me.

      Ah, the hell with it, this is from last night, obviously not finished. It is a Koi cover up of a “demon”. I still need to finish the shading and touch up a couple of lines and black work, then get to the colour.

      Hmm I tried to attach a picture but it wouldnt let me.

      lets try this

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      Welcome. I really like the frog.

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      Thanks, it went fairly quickly and was nice to do. Simple and straightforward.

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