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      Decided to start a new topic, since my old one, kinda became very loooooong.

      Did this one last night. I would say it goes under the category; Tight Tit Tat. :P
      This was done on a woman who recently had breast cancer, and one of her breasts was removed. And this is a simbol she wanted A Heart and Ivy.

      And she wanted it small… I keept saying, better go a bit bigger then too small, I showed her examples of small tattoos, when the get older. But she wouldnt have it. She wanted it small.

      This was my absolute smallest color tattoo I have ever done. About 1″x1″ total…..
      Used 3RL. Alla Prima colors and Kuro Sumi Black.

      Tell me what you think :D Not the best I have done… :(

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      Looks good! I agree, she should have gone bigger.

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      Thanks. Yeah I would really have liked to go bigger.

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      Newest piece, did it last night on a friend of mine. Hes a mechanic, so this suits him just perfectly.

      So what do you guys think of this one?

      Was done with 5RL and a 7Curved Mag.
      Inks. Kuro Sumi Blackest. And for the shades I used A Thousand Virgins. (Not that great of a shade series imo)

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      I dont normally get the opportunity to get on here very often lately but saw this and wanted to reply. I like the mechanic piece, but I also think you need some work in a few areas. Overall, its good, the shading is a bit hit and miss, some areas shaded pretty well, others not so much. That seems to be a huge problem for folks, shading, how much or how little to actually go with it and not over due it. Here youve got the top of the piston shaded kinda hit/miss, nothing really smooth to even it out. The eyebrow and cheeks are the same thing, kinda heavy, kinda light……not horrible, but then again, not completed either. I think if you want to bring life to this tattoo and make it really POP you need to incorporate some whites into it. Hit the shiny parts of the metal, hit the eyes, the teeth and any thing else that will really make it come to life. Try and smooth out some of the areas you missed on the shading and youll have a good looking piece of work there!!

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      Thanks for the reply. :D

      Yes I am working on my shading. And I agree when looking at it with another set of eyes. I love doing shade work, but I still need a looooong way.
      Actually I didnt think of using any whites here, but I see what your saying, it would make it a bit more effective.
      And perhaps even thicken the lineworks abit. (Your thoughts on this?)

      A good thing about this piecem is that its on a friend I see often, so I have alot of chances of correting things. :)

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      Okey heres something made in the year 2014.

      It needs the final stage. (Linework)
      I am not satisfied with the linework, at all, and I will be making up for that. But I had to show you guys this.

      I didnt take this picture, I dont know why, but when people take pictures of tattoos they really suck at it. But okey, that is actually not easy.

      What it is:
      Basically a scroll with a funaral lyrics as a memorial for the guys grand mother. The seal I wanted to do in only color, with no linework. To give it a kind of 3D look to it. Inside the seal, the guys starsign (scorpio) is.

      What to do next:
      The linework in the writing and the boarders, WILL be worked on. And I will be getting a better picture. ;)
      And I’m open for more advice from you guys.

      What went wrong:
      Stretch… Stretch, stretch, stretch and stretch.
      First when I applied the stencil, I went about it as I would normally do, by strecthing. But the first line went stippled like I didnt strecth correctly. So more strecth… Didnt work… MORE strecth…. Didnt work.
      To give some kind of idea how much.
      The stencil text font was about 20-24 (in your normal word) When I strecth, it all went contorted. The we had to stop and I praised my luck that he had his girlfriend with him. Pulled of my gloves, and showed her the sink, sanitised her hands and arms, doned some gloves on her and arm barrier. And she was now my stretch assistant.
      We strechted so much, the font size was about 50-60, and I still had problems getting the perfect stretch.
      I have never seen a skinny guy with soo much stretch to his skin…..
      But thats what went wrong.

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      How did you have the person situated? I’ve never had to enlist help to stretch skin for a tattoo, so it sounds like there may be some other factors at play. How do you run your liner machine? Is it optimally tuned for the way you line?

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      I dont believe its going to thicken the line work so much as it will give the entire piece dimension. When you do this type of B&G you need to add the white highlights to make it pop and stand out. Also, after looking again, I would suggest maybe some background? Fade out some lime green, yellow, or reds? Something to ground the work. Keep up the good work!!

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      Believe me, I havent had any problems with strecth before this guy. I will take a picture of the strecth next time. My machine is a fast hard hitting thingy ;)
      But on the first go with this guy, I had him flat on his stomach. Here we had problems. Next time, I had him sitting, forward bent and stretch to the side. Went in a little better ;)

      @Viper65 wrote:

      I dont believe its going to thicken the line work so much as it will give the entire piece dimension. When you do this type of B&G you need to add the white highlights to make it pop and stand out. Also, after looking again, I would suggest maybe some background? Fade out some lime green, yellow, or reds? Something to ground the work. Keep up the good work!!

      Whites… Got it :D
      I like colored background, but dnt know if my friend likes colors. What kind of background would you suggest, if color isent his thing?
      And thanks :D

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      The biggest problem with adding background, and such is not all–or even some/most–clients are artists. They don’t see a tattoo the way we do. They see it as a badge of pride, or something that makes them cool. They don’t understand that–in this case–a parchment floating there on his back kind of looks odd. One can always suggest background, and other elements, but if the client gives a big fat, “no,” then there really isn’t anything we–as artists–can really do about that. In the end it’s a service business, and the client is always right.

      As far as the line ideas I don’t think he’s doing more work on them to “add dimension” per se. I think it is more along the lines of fixing the errors in the lines; sculpt them if you will. Due to the difficulty of laying the tattoo during the session of performing the line work Lennart–as the artist–feels that he must fix the lines. If you look closely at the design itself you can see some errors in the line work. Inconsistencies. By fixing these lines it may not add dimension, but the overall look of the tattoo will be much better if the line work looks much cleaner. Adding background won’t fix this.

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      Yeah, thats always a big problem, I wented some ideas for a background. He wasent entireliy rejected by the idea. Although he was firm when saying, No Color.

      So any ideas of a background will be appreciated.

      On to my newest project

      My first big time color project. Done on my mother. Unfortunatly she fainted. And we had to stop here. I still need to fix the line work. There are places were its a bit to shaken :oops: :oops:

      She held on for 2 hours.
      I used;
      Kuro Sumi Blackest for both outline and the grey shading. (used Spiders formular :D)
      Starbrite Ink colors (Powder blue and Country Blue)

      Kwadron Needles:
      7RLLT Round Liner
      9MGLT Magnum long taper
      (I’m beginning to enjoy those long taper ;) )

      Yes… Theres still some linework that needs fixing. :oops:
      And I dont know if I like working with colors. Yes, its fun, but I dont know if I’m more set with black and grey.
      Comments are welcome. What would you do, just to give it a little extra?

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      So, just stopped by to show of a Little Work.

      What you think?
      First try at adding background

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      All right… you asked for it. :D

      Your work has much improved since you started posting here.

      On your last piece I have to say that your progress is amazing. As far as composition I like the piece except that I might have moved the rose down a bit… perhaps beneath the trigger guard on the pistol, even with the background the tattoo is unbalanced. Background should be used to enhance and anchor the tattoo, not complete it.

      I do like your use of negative space in the tattoo, for instance, the smoke/scrollwork over the barrel of the pistol. Personally, I’d have brought it below the right cheekbone because…

      There should be no light in that area. You appear to have two light sources for this tattoo. But the shading still doesn’t work with the light sources. I’ve seen your artwork and know that you understand anatomy and shading so the skull is the hardest part for me to get by.

      I like the perspective on the skull but from that angle, assuming the light source is above the skull there’s one of two things wrong with the right eye socket.

      1) either the contrast in the shading of the bridge of the nose is too hard

      2) or the highlight on the nasal side of that eye socket doesn’t belong (it makes it appear as if the socket is bulging from the skull where there should be smooth transition from the nose to the socket)

      You have the shade at the left side (right side of the tattoo) of the cranium but it doesn’t follow into the cheek bone. I would have followed that into the cheek, especially since you have minimal background on that side. A thicker line and darker shading with the highlight (as with the cranium) would have anchored that nicely.

      Over all the light seems to come from above the design as indicated by the lighter lobe of the cranium and the dark shadow that falls directly below the smoke/scrollwork. The shadow below the right cheek should be just as dark (as the shadow below the scrollwork) and the mandible (jaw) should be completely in the dark (black). I would have done it this way and extended the negative space into that area to balance it.

      Since the smoke/scrollwork comes from behind the skull on the left side of the tattoo (right side of the skull) the cranium should be lighted and background should be darker if the light source is above the tattoo.

      With the rose I would have added more black or more highlight (probably both) to make it ‘pop’ and to anchor it into the tattoo. I certainly would have used line-weight (varying thickness of lines) to put the right side of the rose in front of the pistol.

      Your shading is coming along, but you still need to work on getting those gradients smoother. There are some areas where you go from black to grey instantly. The smoke under the rose has that hard black into… shading. Seems to be full black into a shading cut… was this an error? Maybe dipped into the wrong cup? It happens.

      In the background it appears as if you tried to shade the same cut over multiple passes. The skin looks a little rough, but not hamburgered. The problem here is that the shading is inconsistent. No worries, it will take time and practice to get it down.

      Your line work has come a long way. It looks like you’re getting it.

      While your technical skills are coming along but still need work, my opinion is that this tattoo would have been much better with a clearer understanding or application of light source and shadows along with line-weight to add dimension.

      Over all I think you’ve come a long way and if you keep progressing at the rate you’re going you’ll be a force to be reckoned with. You’d definitely out-do most of the guys that were my ‘competition’ around the last studio I worked at.

      I hope I didn’t come off as overly critical. I’m just trying to help. :mrgreen:

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