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      Quick question.

      I design tattoos for a small temporary tattoo company called strepik, and I was wondering is it possible to use a filled in temporary tattoo as a template for a real tattoo? I know when you get a real tattoo they sometimes print out and place an un filled in stencil of the tattoo on your skin as a guide line. I guess these are maybe made of special ink.

      So my question is – is it possible to use temporary tattoos and guides like having the real tattoo inked over it? Are the inks safe?

      Pardon my ignorance,


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      I’ve never tried but I don’t think it would work.

      The problem being that temporary tattoos kind of peel off and I think a needle would just tear them up. I’m pretty sure a stencil solution wouldn’t want to absorb that type of ink into the skin either for it to hold. Also, (and probably the most important one) you wouldn’t really be able see what you were doing very well at all with a completely colored stencil.

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      I don’t think so that at temporary tattoo you can add real ink tattoo as it would working or not is not sure.

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