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      I just designed a peice with white flowers for a friend.
      Any suggestions as to how I should color it? I’ve been
      told that white should be used for highlights not solid.
      The white flowers will be around yellow/orange flowers.
      If I leave the white flowers “just skin”, how should I
      highlight them? ??really light blue??

      Any advice would be great.

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      I’m no veteran. But I’ve heard adding a drop of blue will help the white stand out. Maybe with some pure white highlights would work great.

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      The white flowers are kinda bell shaped.
      I was thinking that maybe light blue inside
      the bell would look nice, but I’m not sure
      what to do with the outside.

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      How much of the outside is showing? If not allot, I would think white would be fine. Just my opinion. Especially if there are other colored flowers around it. Might actually really pop

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      The white flowers are “Lilly of the Valley”.
      You mostley see the outside ( very little of the inside).
      They surround a single yellow Daffodil. If I can get my
      scanner to work, I’ll try to post a picture this afternnon.

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      Sorry, my scanner is still broken, so I can’t post a drawing.
      Here is a picture from google. Any suggestions would be

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      You could try looking at some fine artists (Joaquin Sorolla does excellent whites).
      Some things I’ve noticed is using yellows, blues, greens and even reds, tinted with white creates the illusion that the entire object is white, even though very little of it actually is.

      Look closely, do some studies before you take it to skin and really figure out a good balance. Keep in mind, the skin itself will be a tone and are therefore starting from a middle value. Most tints will stand out on top of that. Good luck, I hope I was able to help at least a little.

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      Thanks for the link. I really like the “Bathtime, Valencia”.
      The figure on the right is the “look” I had in mind.

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      I would recommend you to highlight it with light blue that would be looking good.

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