Do YOU want to learn how to tattoo photo-realistic portraits WITHOUT ruining them?
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Portrait Tattoo

Dax McClellan has designed a 3-Step System that takes the guesswork and frustration out of tattooing portraits and he's giving away a FREE video Right now!
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Plus after you watch the video he's going to show you some of the FALSE BELIEFS that hold Artists back so that you can OVERCOME them!
and a SAFE way to do portraits that you can learn without sacrificing your lifestyle so watch the video now and keep an eye on your inbox!
  1. Michael Evangelista 3 years ago

    When using rotary motors, at what speed should the motor be at when shading and lining?

    • Author
      CR Jordan 3 years ago

      It is very subjective. When tattooing with a rotary. All rotaries are different, and all artists are different. It would be like saying, how fast should I run when I am breaking in a new pair of shoes.
      What style are you doing? And how do you normally tattoo with coil machines?
      Practice, experiment, learn your own gear.

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